Celebrate self love, self care and new beginnings with us this Valentines!

As soon as you hear the word “Valentines”, a flood of images will probably sweep through your mind such as romantic proposals, intimate dinners for two, and exchanges of thoughtful gifts between two partners. The silent message behind these scenes is subtle but clear; Valentines is about giving love to others.
While it is undeniably special to love others, we'd love to remind you that love starts within you. Self love is very important, because when you proudly prioritise your own well-being and love every inch of your authentic self, what follows is a life filled with happiness and confidence. You deserve the love you are always giving to others!
Our new “Love is Here” campaign is an invitation to start a new life of self love, self care and new beginnings and learn how to love yourself unconditionally. To ease the start of this journey, we're holding an online event with our ambassadors, the heart and soul of "Love is Here". This is a celebration of self-love, empowerment and everyday practices to show yourself love, on the 17th February.  If you'd like to join us for this FREE event you can do so here.
Our ambassadors, Christine and Lillie, are glowing examples of people who embrace every part of themselves. They share their stories to their audiences, delve into the meaning of self love, how their journey of self love began and more.
Hey Christine! we’re thrilled to have you as ambassador for our campaign. Please can you introduce yourself to our readers?
Hi beautiful souls! I’m Christine, a Life Purpose Coach, Reiki Master, 200 HR YTT and Soul Plan Practitioner. I’m also a surfer and digital nomad living in Bali. I’m an avid believer of living your most authentic life filled with joy, love, and inner peace. After a major life and career shift, I embarked on a path of self love and healing. Now, I help others enhance self awareness and tap into their emotional and spiritual intelligence, so that they can transform their inner and outer worlds.   
What does embracing new beginnings mean to you and how do you approach them?  
I realised that we never really have control over what may unexpectedly happen and the key to genuine happiness was surrendering, trusting the process, and embracing new beginnings.  
After a long-term relationship ended unexpectedly, I learned to embrace change and new beginnings. Surrendering and trusting the process became crucial for genuine happiness. Here's how I practice it: 
  • I celebrate new and full moon cycles monthly for renewal and reflection. New moons signify new beginnings, while full moons represent completion. I create personal rituals around these times, syncing with ancient traditions and tracking my menstrual cycle for inner harmony. 
  • Each day offers a fresh start, and how we begin and end our days is vital for success. Personally, I wrap up with a sunset walk and kick off with gratitude, meditation, and some form of movement like yoga or surfing. These practices pave the way for a clear and rejuvenated path ahead. 
  • Annually, I "Marie Kondo" my mental, physical, and energetic space by removing anything not bringing joy. This includes releasing old patterns, behaviours, and relationships, fostering simplicity and wholesomeness.
    What motivated you to be an ambassador of “Love Is Here” campaign?  
    It perfectly aligns with my ethos, values and what I am passionate about supporting others with. My hope is that this campaign will inspire others to prioritise their own well being first, to seek wholeness within themselves, and to show up with love for themselves and others, on every occasion. 

    Do you have any final words for our audience who want to embark on their journey towards self-love, self-care and new beginnings journey?  
    After experiencing a rough childhood and heartbreak, I realised that love is not something we need to look outside of ourselves, but rather something that we embody within ourselves. We can do this through clearing our minds of self doubt, judgement and limiting beliefs, moving our bodies to support health and vitality, and connecting with our inner wisdom and intuition. How we show up for ourselves reflects how we will treat others. So, it’s important to show up with unconditional love for all parts of us (including the past versions who have felt hurt, anger, sadness, etc.) and heal those wounds so that it doesn’t get passed on. Self-care and self-love are not just about taking a bubble bath, going to the spa, or having a nice dinner, it’s about radical forgiveness, compassion, acceptance, the art of surrender, and trust. It’s about embracing the parts of yourself you may have resisted or shunned, feeling your emotions, and navigating through them so that they can be released and so that you can embrace a new beginning by constantly renewing yourself. By practicing self-love and self-care daily, you are embarking on a journey of bringing more peace and love worldwide.
    Hey Lillie! We’re honoured to have you as ambassador for our campaign. Please can you introduce yourself to our readers?  
    Hello, everyone! I'm Lillie, known as Loving Life Lillie, a 28-year-old from the south of the UK. 
    I teach yoga for self-love and body positivity through Zoom classes, at my studio Healing Haven in Poole, and on the Loving Life App where you will find a variety of on-demand classes to enhance your self-love journey this February. I also organise Loving Life Retreats worldwide, with our next one in Morocco. Rest assured; I'll be packing my PI accessories for the journey! 
    Inclusivity is central to my yoga philosophy. I am dedicated to creating a space where individuals of all shapes, sizes, and skill levels are celebrated. Having felt judged and grappling with the notion of not having a so-called "Yoga body," my mission is to ensure that no one else feels unwelcome or judged when stepping into a class. 
    What does self-love and self-care mean to you and how do they look like in your day to day? 
    My perspective on it has undergone significant changes over the years. 
    In the past, self-love for me was synonymous with hitting the gym, engaging in rigorous workouts as a means to earn my own affection.  I now realise this was a form of "Love" with conditions. While we effortlessly extend unconditional love to our family, friends and pets, when it comes to ourselves, there are often strings attached.
    These days, self-love, to me, is about embracing and appreciating myself unconditionally, regardless of my morning mood, others' opinions or whether I managed to make it to the gym. One constant stays: I am always deserving of love. 
    My personal formula for self-love involves a cascading journey from gratitude to acceptance and finally, to love. I believe that gratitude is the gateway to accepting ourselves and through acceptance, we arrive at genuine self love.  
    Similarly, my perception of self-care has evolved. What used to be associated with occasional spa days has transformed into a daily inquiry: "How can I authentically care for myself today?" It involves setting boundaries, saying no when necessary and adhering to practices that truly nurture me. Self care, in essence, is about consistently showing up for oneself in the seemingly small moments, recognising their profound impact. 
    I now understand it as the discipline to prioritise my needs. It's about making choices aligned with my well-being. Daily self reflection involves asking questions like, "Does this align with me today? What holds great importance for me now? What can be deferred until tomorrow?" Self care, I've learned, is a nuanced practice, about authentically showing up for oneself, acknowledging that what's true to me can evolve based on my ever changing needs and desires. 
    What motivated you to be an ambassador of “Love Is Here” campaign? 
    Being an ambassador for the 'Love Is Here' campaign perfectly aligns with the core values of Loving Life Lillie. The name itself reflects my commitment to promoting self care and self love as integral components of personal growth. 
    I firmly believe that love, especially self-love, forms the foundation of a fulfilling life. As an ambassador, my goal is to amplify this message and encourage others to prioritise their well-being. The campaign serves as a powerful platform to raise awareness about the transformative effects of self-love on mental, emotional, and physical health. 
    I aspire to see a ripple effect of positivity, empowering individuals to embrace self-love and contribute to a global movement that promotes well-being for all. Remember, love is accessible to everyone, and we are ALL worthy of it. 
    Do you have any final words for our audience who want to embark on their journey towards self-love? 
    I wish someone had told me to gaze at the stars, the moon, and the ocean. I wish they had told me that I am part of this vast universe, that the universe flows through us all, and our bodies are the vessels of our souls. Our true home lies within us; it's not just the walls we decorate, but the essence within our skin. 
    Your body is your unwavering supporter, loving you unconditionally every moment. Despite the negative thoughts we may have about ourselves, our bodies continue to care for us, sustaining our precious existence on Earth. Please, cherish and love yourself. Life is too fleeting to base your worth on weight, clothing size, or productivity levels. Remember, you are a "human being," not a "human doing." 
    Consider starting yoga; it's a pathway back to your heart, a journey toward self-love and acceptance.
     We hope this blog has inspired you to embark on the elevating and worthwhile journey of self-love and don't forget to sign up for our FREE self-love event here. To read more about the jewellery within this campaign and how they're designed to guide you on your journey to self-love, click here.
    We’re working hard on growing a community that is passionate about self-love, empowerment and authenticity; by sharing your personal story and experiences online using the hashtag #loveishere, you can become a trailblazer for this powerful movement that has the potential to transform lives into fulfilled and authentic adventures. 
    We can’t wait to see your inspirational stories!