International Women's Day - The Women Behind Pineapple Island

In celebration of International Women's day, we are introducing you to the women behind Pineapple Island. 

From Bali to the UK we are shining the spotlight on creating a brighter future for all women.

1) Meet Alice, the Creative Director behind Pineapple Island. With Alice's help, we are able to build our brand's presence offline and online. This can range from organising photoshoots to making Pineapple Island a greener place. Alice brings a relaxed vibe to the workplace making all of our dreams for Pineapple Island a reality, so this International Women's Day we'd like to thank you for everything that you do!

2) Introducing Trevi, who is one of our main contacts in Bali. From content creation to finding resources for future products she is our go-to girl. With Trevi living in Bali, we can keep up to date with our home from home.

3) Jo, our stock manager, keeps an eye on all stock levels and orders more items when needed. Pineapple Island wouldn't be the same without her so this International Women's Day we would like to celebrate Jo and all the chaos she diverts for us! Thank you to the organisation queen.

4) Our E-commerce Assistant Becky, kicks a** at her job, working hard to keep Pineapple Island your favourite place to shop. If you've ever got a question, Becky has the answer, so this International Women's Day we are celebrating Becky as the star that shines so bright!

5) Nicky our Warehouse assistant, packs your orders and organises our stock. Her warm bohemian soul comforts us all.

6) Meet Anne, our Office Manager, who keeps Pineapple Island organised to the highest degree. She is also known as our mother hen, checking in and making sure we are all ok. If you ask me, everyone needs an Anne.

7) We couldn't leave this blog without introducing our creative team in Bali, Suzanne (@atthebeachphoto) is our very talented photographer and Jennifer (@stylistinbali) helps to style all of our photoshoots. These two women make a great team and on this International Women's Day we would like to say a massive thank you for all their hard work over the years.


8) Introducing myself, I'm Paige, the woman who brings you everything on social media. I have the role of keeping you all in the loop with all our latest products and everything behind the scenes at Pineapple HQ.

If I've learnt anything whilst working at Pineapple Island, it's that working with other people who inspire and support you can be the greatest way of making your dreams a reality. Here is to all the women that inspire and support us, let's all celebrate them today for International Women's Day.