Pineapple Island

Taravao Surf Bracelet Set

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With this surf style pack, you will receive 3 handmade bracelets:

  • Hilton surf bracelet (black)
  • Leme surf bracelet (dusk)
  • O'ahu surf bracelet (coconut wood)

All Pineapple Island ethical jewellery is freedom trade and handmade. Your bracelets will arrive on a special gift card, ready for gift-giving.

We are proud to be open and honest about how we make our ethical jewellery and accessories. Instead of dealing with big factories and supporting hard labour, we choose to work closely with small artisan jewellery makers and skilled craftsmen and women from Indonesia. We don't use agents or middle-men, and we personally make sure that the market price is paid to the people that bring our handmade bracelets to life.

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