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Article: Office Yoga at Pineapple HQ!

Office Yoga at Pineapple HQ!

Office Yoga at Pineapple HQ!

With busy minds and busy bodies comes much needed time to relax and de-stress. Since the COVID-19 pandemic we have been looking into ways that we, as a collective, can destress from the daily grind. We have been lucky enough to return to the office and do so.


Practising office yoga with Jo has been a great help to decompress the stress and come back stronger than ever. You may wonder what the benefits are of practising yoga, particularly Vinyasa, and how can we achieve it in our busy lives.



1) Vinyasa is great for strengthening the immune system, soothing and relaxing the mind.


2) Building your body's strength and flexibility, acting as a body balance and resistance workout. Postures include backbends, inversions, arm balances, etc. Every muscle in the body is given adequate attention during the practice of Vinyasa Yoga.



3) It can help create a peaceful sleeping pattern. Not a fan of the morning alarm? What if your body could wake up naturally? Vinyasa, is a great way to relax. When your body relaxes, so does your mind. 



4) Need stress relief? Vinyasa, is known as 'moving meditation'. 

This yoga form syncs your body, mind, and emotions into a balanced alignment.



5) Promote a healthy heart. Vinyasa yoga helps to negate stress and lowers blood pressure. It will also improve your dietary choices as your mind becomes alert to your surroundings. Vinyasa yoga allows body balancing and focuses on the breath, which is equivalent to a cardio workout.

6) Finding concentration and focus. With busy schedules, we often fail to achieve focus on our tasks. We try to adopt a healthy lifestyle that just targets our bodies.  Vinyasa yoga helps you sync your body and mind by putting emphasis on your breathing patterns.


 Vinyasa yoga does not follow a strict sequence. You can follow your own sequence, and experiment with new sequences each time you practice. Practising just 20 minutes a day can create a healthier body and mind allowing you to live life fully and focus when needed.

If you would like to book in with Jo on Instagram you can message her for all the details. She provides sessions in and around Bournemouth. 

Part of our Pineapple Island staff perks includes a yoga membership at The Yoga Lounge  in Bournemouth. You can find us there most weeknights practising and enjoying the benefits that yoga provides. If you would like to see what The Yoga Lounge offers, click here.

Want to get an early morning workout at home? You can also practise yoga through YouTube offering free sessions online. We particularly love Yoga with Adrienne.



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