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Article: Our 5 Top Surf Beaches In The UK

Our 5 Top Surf Beaches In The UK

Our 5 Top Surf Beaches In The UK

(Above you can see Esteban who's part of our team, hitting the waves at Boscombe beach!)


We've compiled the top surf spots across the UK so you don't have to!


1) Barreling in top with our favourite spot - Sennen Cove, Cornwall

Sennen Cove is a quiet beach perfect for those looking to get a good surf. Due to it's location it offers some of the biggest barrels across the UK! This idyllic beach can be found just North of Lands End.


2) Another favourite spot of ours - Porthtowan beach, Cornwall.

Porthtowan beach is the perfect spot for anyone, with beach bars and cafes, you can easily spend the day here catching the surf! Located on the North coast of Cornwall.


3) Rolling in at number three Croyde beach, Devon.

If you're looking for a bustling beach vibe, Croyde is the perfect location offering a surfers paradise with a strong rip tides! Located along the North coast, Devon. If you would like to keep up to dates with the surf in Croyde you can check daily here.


4) For the intermediate surfer why not try Thurso East, Scotland.

 Thurso Scotland
If you'd like an exhilarating challenge, Thurso beach is the way to go. Its strong winds and water are the perfect pair for a thrill seeker! This surfers paradise is located in the east of Scotland.


5)  Boscombe beach, Bournemouth

Esteban surfing

We may be a little biased because this is where Pineapple Island is based but, Boscombe Beach is a surf haven! Being able to grab our boards are the end of the day and hitting the waves is one of life's daily pleasures! Pictured above is Esteban doing just that.


We can't wait to get back to the surf, here are some key points to remember for when you go! Surf etiquette is always at the forefront of our minds. We've listed some for you below!


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