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Article: Breathwork - Heal The Mind & Align Your Chakras!

Breathwork - Heal The Mind & Align Your Chakras!

Breathwork - Heal The Mind & Align Your Chakras!

In our busy day to day lives, it can be easy to get lost in thought and forget to be in the present. 
To prevent this and really ground ourselves, along with wearing our chakra bracelets, we have been taking online breathwork classes with Jo at The Breathery. This has allowed us to practice self-care and put time aside for ourselves each week to reset and refresh.
Breathwork is a way of manipulating your breathing rate and depth to promote healing. 
Some benefits include: 
- restored balance 
- reduced agitation and anxiety 
- improved personal and professional relationships 
- increased confidence and self-esteem 
- improved connection with the mind and body 
The great thing about breath-work is that it can be done anywhere! We chose to immerse ourself in nature, where the beaming sun and view of horses grazing around us added a further calming element. 
Once we had laid out our blankets and gotten comfortable, we began inhaling and exhaling to the pattern set out by Jo. In a similar way to meditation, we closed our eyes and really payed attention to our bodies, expelling negative energy by pushing air out through our vocal cords. The vibrations allowed us to really pay attention to what our bodies needed: time to rest. 
The session lasted just over an hour and it was worth every minute! 
A sense of calm washed over us and we were ready for the day. Paired with our grounding, handmade chakra bracelets, we felt like we could face anything! 
Want to give it a go? Click here to check it out! 

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