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Article: Top 10 Surfer Girls To Be Following On Insta

Top 10 Surfer Girls To Be Following On Insta

Top 10 Surfer Girls To Be Following On Insta

To be a girl surfer is surely one of the best professions to have, right?
We have compiled a list of our favourite 10 surfer girls that are at the top of their game. Follow these ladies on Insta and you will soon be inspired to book your surf lessons/flight ticket to Hawaii with a suitcase packed full of your surfer girl bracelets.

Malia Manuel

Beach-loving Malia is based in Hawaii, she has a lush wellness blog all about living the perfect beach life. Her grid is adorned with cute and beachy imagery, making her Instagram one place you have to visit. 

Laura Enever

Looking to be inspired? Wave-conquerer Laura broke into the world of big wave surfing by pursuing some of the most dangerous waves on the planet! Follow her world-class surf journey now on insta. 

Lakey Peterson 

If you are looking for some of the most well-known names in female surfing, Lakey Peterson’s name will surely pop-up. Besides being on the waves, she has a great love for workouts and being by the coast as well. 

Johanne Defay

Johanne is a French surfer who adores travel, art and all things nature. Follow her insta to keep up to date with her global travels, documenting all of these loves and more! 

Courtney Conlogue

Courtney Conlogue learned to surf at the age of 4. In 2004 when she was 11, she was the youngest athlete to be selected to the USA Junior Surf Team. Now 27, you can follow her fun-filled surf adventures over on her Instagram. 

Georgia Timson

From our home turf of the UK, Georgia Timson is always spotted surfing in our favourite Newquay spots. Follow on insta to become inspired to take a trip to your local surf school for a crash course in catching the waves.

Silvana Lima

Silvana's insta is FULL of the best surfing pictures. Scroll through her grid to find some awe-inspiring snaps and clips of her catching the most epic waves.

Carissa Moore

Scroll through Carissa's feed to find some of the most amazing surf breaks and envious sunsets over tropical landscapes. As soon as we have the green light to travel again, we're adding these destinations to our bucket list.  

Bianca Buitendag

Born in South Africa, this surfer girl is making waves on the international sports scene. Follow her insta to keep track of her travels and triumphs!

Nikki Van Dijk

This Australian surfer comes from a family of surfers and has always lived by the beach. Follow Nikki to see the coolest surf shots, as well as top wellness tips and vegan lifestyle hacks.

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