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Article: Trevi's Favourite Places to Visit in Bali

Trevi's Favourite Places to Visit in Bali

Trevi's Favourite Places to Visit in Bali

We have been living our wanderlust through Trevi since the beginning of the pandemic. Bali is a place of wonder and adventure, and we want to share with you the more hidden parts of Bali that have given Trevi peace and tranquillity in these uncertain times. How about adding them to your bucket list for when everything opens back up again? We certainly have!


"Last week was a long weekend, so I packed my bags and rediscovered Bali. I travelled around my hometown for a total of 3 days and 2 nights. Since my goal is simply to release stress, I'm not too ambitious to visit as many places, but rather enjoy the scenery, be close to nature, and be present. Here are some of the places I visited during my trip...''


1) Virgin Beach - Pasir Putih Beach.

''Virgin beach/Perasi beach in Karangasem can be said as one of the best-hidden beaches. It's a beautiful white sand beach, the location is very far away from a popular tourist attractions in Bali.
To get the location of Perasi beach, for the first-timer can be quite tricky. However, if you love to snorkel it is a perfect place to explore the crystal clear sea.''


2) Asah Hill

''Asah Hill is the ideal place to take in magnificent panoramic views of the sea, and Bali's rugged coastline and green hills. Its tranquil aura is aided by the small number of visitors, which has earned it the name among tourists of ‘Silent Hill.' As the name implies, Asah Bugbug Hill, is a hill that has high cliffs with views of the open sea, presenting a beautiful natural panorama from the top of the hill when you visit it. Not only that, this tourist spot also presents a sunrise that blends beautifully with the blue sky so that it creates a natural wonder that really spoils your eyes. Asah Hill is a new tourist destination developed by the local community. So, in this place it will be difficult to find a hotel or villa. However, residents prepare tent rental services as an alternative option if you wish to stay at this place, waking up to a sunrise in the morning.
Located in Bugbug village, Karangasem, Asah Hill is situated behind Prasi beach, a 1.5-hour car ride from Denpasar. When you reach Bugbug village, make a right and head on to Asah Hill. For the more the adventurous types, don't forget to bring a tent as camping sites are available.''

3) Bamboo Village - Belega, Blahbatuh, Gianyar


''Belega is a village located in Blahbatuh district. Belega village is a center for handicrafts made of bamboo.

For the crafter, cultivating bamboo is an ancestral heritage that should be preserved. Local people always innovate so that products made from Belega's unique bamboo can be made into beautiful pieces.

The interesting thing about this bamboo village is, the expanse of towering bamboo that is neatly lined up, making this village feel peaceful and full of culture.''

4) Kasumba - Bali


''Above you can see myself and Meet Bu Made,
one of the women salt farmers in Kusamba village.''


''Kusamba beach is located around seven kilometers east of Semarapura, where farmers harvest natural sea salt under the swaying coconut palms.
Produced by hand, The Eastern shore of Bali borders the Lombok Strait, bringing cold water from the north, which mixes with warm tropical water, creating a sea salt that is mild and sweet in flavour.
The salt farming process in Kusamba is a unique thing yet time consuming. Every morning the salt farmers make their way to and from the ocean with buckets on bamboo poles over their shoulders. They gather seawater and poured it over the raked sand in a rhythmic motion. The mid-day tropical sun bakes the sand into flakes and the salt is ready to be harvested by late afternoon.
It was a very beautiful experience, being able to see and meet with traditional sea salt farmers.''


5) Matahari terbit Beach


''Last stops was Matahari Terbit Beach, located in Sanur, it has a perfect white sand facing the East, so it is ideal for you to witness the beautiful natural sunrise and sunsets!
I love coming here to listen to the waves crashing against the shoreline as I look into the distance.''


Bali is without a doubt one of our favourite places and we hope you have enjoyed reading all about Trevi's favourite secret spots. 

We hope that Trevi and all the Balinese communities stay safe at this time. If you would like to hear more from Trevi and the places she visits please let us know :)

Stay safe and well,
Love Alice, Trevi, Paige and Nathan xxxx



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