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Article: 5 Climate Conscious Changes You'll Want to Make

5 Climate Conscious Changes You'll Want to Make-Pineapple Island

5 Climate Conscious Changes You'll Want to Make

We’ve all been enjoying this unusually warm February, but it’s sadly just another step in the wrong direction for global warming. Despite Trumps claims of global warming being a hoax, it’s sadly very real and the weather we’re experiencing right now is the perfect proof. There are a number of ways that we can actually make a difference, just by living a more climate conscious lifestyle. More often than not, choosing to live a more eco-friendly life actually ends up costing you less, so you’re not just saving the planet but your bank account too.



Travel Sustainably


Cars. We all travel in them and a lot of us admittedly rely on them to get us pretty much everywhere. Turning to alternatives like walking and cycling not only reduces the amount of dangerous gases we release into the air, but it’s great for your health too. If these aren’t reasonable alternatives for you, then why not try car-sharing or using public transport? You’d still be helping the environment, and every little helps!  


Shop Naked


Please don’t go walking nude down the aisles of Tesco, this is not what we mean by shopping naked! What we mean is looking out for products that have little to no packaging. Brands like Lush and Ethique already offer products such as shampoo and conditioner that have absolutely no packaging. They’ve cleverly formulated their products to be sold as solid bars and doing this, Ethique have prevented the manufacture and disposal or more than 350,000 plastic containers worldwide. If we all join together to shop naked and support fantastic brands like this, we are doing a massive job in helping reduce the industries carbon footprint. 


Say No to Straws


We all know that feeling of nostalgia you get when sipping a cold drink through a colourful plastic straw, but unfortunately feeling like a big kid with these throwaway plastics comes at a cost of damaging the environment. Recently there’s been a rise in restaurants and bars that no longer use straws because of the environmental impact. Unfortunately, there are still so many that remain to use them and it’s up to us to make a difference. By saying no to straws and opting for reusable, we are taking a stand and making an impactful climate conscious change. 


(Luckily, there are so many reusable straws on the market that are just as cute and aren’t made from such harmful materials. Instead they’re made from glass or stainless steel, and we have even found ones made from bamboo!)




Get a Reusable Cup


Given this nations addiction to caffeine, it’s no surprise that we get through a ridiculous number of disposable cups. We can all make a huge difference just by carrying a reusable cup with us to our next trip to Costa or Starbucks. Not only does it benefit the environment, but also your wallet because some of these coffee shops (including Starbucks) actually give you a discount if you bring your own reusable cup.


Drink coffee, save money and save the world by getting yourself a reusable cup!


Eat Less Meat


Plant based eating has boomed in the past year due to its huge health and environmental benefits. Being more aware and conscious about what you’re consuming is at the heart of becoming eco-friendly. We don’t expect you to quit eating meat altogether, but if you can make small changes in your diet it can make a world of difference. Opting to go meat-free for even 3 meals a week can have a significant impact on reducing your carbon footprint.

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