We are very excited to share with you our recent interview with Sophie Everard! An amazing activist who sheds light on an amazing organisation, The...
Pineapple Island's round-up of the perfect ways to say thank you to all fathers and caregivers out there! 1) Eco Bamboo drinking straws - £4.50 Pr...
Hitting off this summer with a bang! We are so excited to share with you our recent photoshoot in our beloved home from home... Bali!   Sadly we co...
We have been living our wanderlust through Trevi since the beginning of the pandemic. Bali is a place of wander and adventure, and we want to share with you the more hidden parts of Bali that have given Trevi peace and tranquility in these uncertain times. 

DRUMROLL PLEASE... Introducing our new Eco-Friendly biodegradable packaging!

We believe our jewellery should be available to you without harming the environment. Here is the first look at our Eco-Plastic bags created in Bali by a company called Ecoplas. Ecoplas is biodegradable and made from certified fair-trade Cassava: A plant that grows in Bali.

Have you heard of Tenganan? It is the home to Bali's rarest textiles and we are lucky enough to have some of these materials in our handmade bracelets.

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