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At Pineapple Island, we're committed to ethical marketing practices that prioritise honesty, transparency, and respect for our audience. Here's a breakdown of our policy:

  • Commitment to Honesty: We pledge to be truthful in all our marketing efforts, avoiding dishonest tactics such as false advertising, fake reviews, or inflated analytics. We'll always provide accurate information about our products and never withhold negative details.
  • Reflections on Project-Based Ethics: Throughout our campaigns, we continually ask ourselves if we're communicating product value honestly, using accurate language, and representing customer testimonials truthfully. We're committed to resisting any internal pressure to convey misleading information.
  • Rejecting Impact Washing: We promise to be transparent about our social and environmental impact, avoiding exaggerated claims or false promises. Our marketing initiatives will be rooted in authentic missions for positive change, not merely for marketing benefits.
  • Cultural Sensitivity: Our marketing campaigns will prioritise cultural sensitivity, avoiding any exploitation or appropriation of underrepresented groups. We actively seek feedback and engage in internal training to ensure inclusiveness.
  • Permission-Based Email Marketing: We only send marketing emails to recipients who have opted in to receive them. Our focus is on providing value and maintaining trust with our subscribers while staying GDPR compliant.
  • Ethical Digital Advertising: We adhere to ethical standards in digital advertising, ensuring accuracy and transparency in our content. We avoid false advertising and deceptive practices, striving to maintain user privacy and trust.
  • White Hat Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): Our SEO practices focus on providing valuable content and building genuine links. We avoid manipulative tactics such as purchasing links or keyword stuffing, prioritising user experience and value creation.
  • Commitment to Evolving Practices: As the marketing landscape evolves, we're committed to updating our practices to align with the latest ethical standards. We'll monitor industry changes and adjust our approach accordingly.

Questions and Feedback: We value your input in helping us uphold our ethical standards. If you have any questions, feedback, or concerns, please reach out to us at or We're here to listen and improve.