Santa Cruz Surf Anklet

    The Santa Cruz Surf anklet is skillfully handwoven with wax cord and brass beads. The handmade anklet feature small brass beads on coloured wax cord and are durable enough to wear...

    Cali Surf Anklet

    Inject a little bit of summer into your wardrobe with the vibrant Cali surf anklets. The handmade anklet features tiny multi-coloured beads and are durable enough to wear surfing.  Available...

    Aria Silver Letter Bracelet

    Combining coloured cord and engraved silver-plated beads, the Aria Letter bracelets are handmade and make the perfect gift. Silver-Plated Bead Adjustable cord to fit all sizes  Handmade Bracelet Lowercase lettering...

    Glencairn Leather Surf Bracelet

    The Cape Town leather surf bracelet is handmade and tough enough to go surfing.

    Malibu Surf Bracelets

    Inject a little bit of summer into your wardrobe with a classic coloured surf bracelet. The collection features 10 handmade corded bracelets available in various different colours, making the perfect...

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