A guide to The Surf Soul Manifesto

In celebration of our latest collection with the Wave Project, we have collaborated with illustrator Sonja Burniston to create a Surf Soul Manifesto. We want to spread the word that you don't have to be a surfer to have a surf soul.

So, now we're going to talk about what it means to be a Surf Soul. Breaking down each category that will benefit any free-spirit!

With you in mind we have compiled a list that will not only remind you of your compassion but also, empower you to do great things.

Let's get right to it!


Be Brave

 Stick that on your bathroom mirror. Save it as your phone screen, whatever, it takes to remember you breath, get connected, and jump into life!

Stay true to yourself and don't let fear hold you back, you are the light.

Man walking along the beach with Surf Board 
'Be brave, be strong, be fearless.'


 Change The Game

You can choose the game you play, learn to discern whether the game you are playing is one you enjoy, learn with or align from.

Challenge yourself in ways you never could, after all, life is worth living with a little adventure!

' She remembered who she was and the game changed.'


Embrace The Elements

As much as possible, open your arms wide to all the elements and let them soother and shape you.

Get to know yourself deeper through the challenges that come your way.


Notice that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind.

Tune Out of Naysayers FM

If you're listening to the voices inside and out that don't believe in you, know that you can tune into a different station.   

You are worth more than you know!

 'Don't let them get you down. Be cheeky, wild and wonderful.'


Challenges and Bumps are part of the ride 

 It's a law of life. What you can change is how you relate to them.

Be brave and stay true to yourself, the rest will follow.

“Let the waves carry you where the light can not.”


Do It Anyway

Having great ideas and then sitting back is not an option. Take action in spite of fear, in spite of resistance, in spite of thinking you can't.

You are stronger than you know, trust in this and it will guide you to do great things!

 Sophie Everard Surf

'Wisdom starts when you know yourself. You will realise that everything aligns itself perfectly when you live your truth, break limiting habits and challenge yourself daily.'

Live With The Earth

Not just ON her, live as part of the Earth, Which you are. Go softly, tread lightly, love this planet.

If your heart is full, you will be met with the fruit of the earth.


“The miracle is to walk on the green earth, dwelling deeply in the present moment and feeling truly alive. ”

Now you can see just a few reasons that is the beauty of being a surf soul. If you're feeling glum or need a little pick me up The Surf Soul Manifesto is for you!


Teaming up with The Wave Project, an amazing organisation, we've decided to donate 100% of proceeds from each poster that we sell to them. Designed by Sonja Burniston, this colourful poster is the perfect addition to any home.


We hope you love our new manifesto and we hope if brings some joy. To shop this poster and all of our other Wave Project items, Click here.