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Article: Birthstones



Birthstones: beautiful gemstones which have played an remarkable role in human history, with the earliest recording of gemstones dated back in biblical times, a role that is still very much alive to this day. It was the historical practice to collect all twelve gemstones to wear throughout the year due to the belief that each gemstone granted the wearer special powers. This belief still holds true for many people but nowadays it is common for modern people to collect just the one gemstone allocated for their birth month.  




Here is a modern description of each month and their birthstone: 


  • Janauary : Garnet

A traditionally red gem, it is also available in green, purple, yellow, pink, black and even blue! It is said to grant the wearer protection from physical harm which made it popular among travellers and it is supposed to ward off nightmares too. 

  • February : Amethyst

A purple gemstone, it is favoured for its calming abilities and ancient Greeks believed that this gemstone prevented intoxication. Particularly in England, it was often favoured by royalty. So if you have always fancied pulling a Meghan Markle and becoming a royal, maybe this is the stone for you!  

  • March: Aquamarine

A gemstone that comes in a light blue colour, it is famed for its connection to the sea and even its name comes from the latin word "aqua marina" meaning sea water. It was popular throughout history among sailors, who believed it would protect them and calm the sea. Also, it is supposed to grant serenity into the wearers life and bring harmony into marriage. An ideal wedding gift perhaps? 

  • April: Diamond

One of the most popular gemstones of all, diamonds can appear in almost any colour however the transparent diamonds are the most popular. Diamonds are meant to increase fertility, grant coherence and enhance relationships. So there you go, if you want to improve any relationship in your life, give them more diamonds! 

  • May: Emerald 

Said to be the favourite gemstone of Cleopatra, this striking green gemstone is said to aid with love, fertility and rebirth. It is even said to give the wearer the ability to see into the future! Maybe wear this the next time you want to buy some lottery tickets, hm?  

  • June: Morganite 

This pretty birthstone brings an abundance of love for its wearer! It comes in a variety of pink shades, leaving no doubt it is the birthstone of love, compassion and harmony. 

  • July: Ruby 

These stunning red gemstones are well-known around the world and are said to protect the wearer from bad luck, poor health and heartbreak. In India they are sometimes called the “King of Gemstones” and royalty often wore them in their jewellery.    

  • August: Peridot 

These gemstones can be easily distinguished by their striking olive green colour and were first used for jewellery by the ancient Egyptians. This gemstone is said to provide protection from nightmares and the evil eye, and is said to have a positive effect on physical ailments such as asthma, fever and liver/heart issues.  

  • September: Lapis Lazuli 

This beautiful stone is another well-known gemstone, mostly known for its notable blue colouring. Sapphires reduce anxiety and fear, as well as grant wisdom and peace to the wearer. No wonder it had such a starring role in the Titanic movie!  

  • October: Opal 

This eye-catching stone possesses many different colours within it and was called by the ancient Romans “the queen of gemstones” due to this. This stone is said to increase optimism, spontaneity and creativity; it also acts as protection from nightmares.  

  • November: Topaz 

This light blue stone also occurs in a wide variety of colours such as white, grey, green, orange, yellow and even red. You are spoilt for choice with this gem! It is said to grant strength and confidence to the wearer, and aids the wearer to achieve their goals.  

  • December: Turquoise 

This gemstone comes in the form of various blue and green shades, and is said to provide wealth to the wearer (I will keep this in mind when I want to go shopping!) as well as increase their mood, wisdom and creativity.  




Whether if you believe that gemstones grant the wearer powers or not, I think we can all agree that they are beautiful to wear and they make a thoughtful gift, especially as a birthday present. Why not check out our own birthstone products and test out for yourself if the powers work?   


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