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Article: Earth Hour 2022!

Earth Hour 2022!

Earth Hour 2022!

We live on a beautiful and diverse planet. As far as we know, it’s the only planet in the universe that supports life. But human activities are now putting our planet in danger. The changing climate has a terrible effect on our environment and this increase in concern gave rise to the idea of Earth hour.

Earth Hour is a global event that has been running for a few years now. Earth Hour 2022 will be on Saturday 26th of March 8.30pm - 9.30pm, UK time. 


What is Earth Hour?

Every year, millions of people worldwide take part to raise awareness about climate change and saving energy. We know the event as Earth Hour Day and all who take part switch off the lights in their homes and workplaces for one hour.

How can we participate in Earth Hour 2022?


1) Turn off the lights and have a candlelit dinner. 

The heart of Earth hour is turning off lights. The darkness itself has its charm. Light a few candles and enjoy the ambience over dinner.

2) Gather some friends and go camping!

The weather is getting warmer, enjoy some quality time with friends exploring nature.


3) Create some art in the dark

Light some candles, and enjoy the feeling of creating some artwork by candlelight. Think of it as a painting you can add to each year Earth Hour happens.


4) Use this time to take care of your houseplants.

Spend your hour dedicated to nurturing the plants that surround you. 


5) Ditch the digital and curl up with your favourite book.

Reading next to an open fire or candlelight is one of life's genuine pleasures. Allow some time for yourself and get lost in a new adventure.


It is a small step toward protecting our planet by participating in Earth Hour 2022, helping change the future for the better. You can officially sign up to this event by clicking here.

Whatever you choose to do this Earth Hour, enjoy it and thank yourself for taking the right steps to help the environment and spread the word.


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