Ethical Father's Day Gift Guide (Under £20)

Pineapple Island's round-up of the perfect ways to say thank you to all fathers and caregivers out there!

1) Eco Bamboo drinking straws - £4.50

Protect the environment with our eco bamboo drinking straws! The perfect gift for an eco conscious dad.


2) Taha'a Surf Bracelet Style Pack - £7.50

3 in 1! A complete set for a completely awesome father figure!


3) Plant Change Tote bag - £14.50

Help change the environment by gifting a re-useable bag, not only does it save plastic but a new tree is planted with each purchase! 

4) Santa Cruz Surf Anklet - £4

The perfect gift for any surfer dad!


5) Yonder Surf Journal - £7.50

A gift to keep track of your adventure days together!


6) Hilton Surf Bracelet - £4

Why not buy matching bracelets to celebrate your connection with each other?


7) Funk my world - Reusable Travel Mug - £13.99

On-the-go must have for any coffee lover.

8) Sagamatha Beaded Bracelet - £10

Give your dad the world with our Nepal inspired bracelet.



Help your dad relax and unwind with Kindreds soy candle

10) Bhaktapur Stone Handmade Bracelet - £8.50

Give the gift of earth this year!

11) Passenger, Byron Cap - Ginger Cord - £19.95 

Get ready for summer with Passengers recycled cord cap.