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Article: Expressing love in all ways...

Expressing love in all ways...

Expressing love in all ways...

Have you ever heard of the term love language? This week we are focusing on expressing love in all ways.

Each of us differs in how we receive love. By learning to give love we can receive it, we can create stronger relationships. As, a small business we want to feel connected to you so that we can be best friends forever.

Here are the concepts behind love languages:

1) Words of Affirmation - Saying supportive things.

When someone you care about congratulates you, tells you "great job!"!


2) Acts of Service - Helping others.

Making life easier and solving an issue for you. For example, it could be us helping you find the perfect gift!


3) Receiving Gifts - Giving gifts that tell them you were thinking about them.
Receiving a small treat from someone you care about to let them know they were thinking about you.


4) Quality Time - Spending meaningful time together.
Going on a trips together, or having deep conversations is always a great way to spend quality time together.


5) Physical Touch - Being close.
From a handshake to a hug.


For us it's hard to choose the perfect love language. Many of these factors in with you, our customers... The main language that stands out for us is, acts of service - when you're in a bind and simply don't know what gift to get that's where we can help. No enquiry is too big or small, we love to hear from you!
We don't have to worry about the little but big things that give you stress; it allows us to fully show up for you. What could be better than that?


If you'd like to figure out what your love language is with a special someone, click here.


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