Goodbye summer....

There are many values that Pineapple Island holds close to the heart of the company; fun, creativity, hard work and respect are just a few that spring to mind. However one significant value we hold at the forefront of this company is love for the world and the amazing people in it. Summer is always an important time of the year for us, overflowing with events and opportunities where we could meet all of our wonderful customers face to face, and this summer was definitely one to remember.


We first started off in Glastonbury; you guys absolutely loved our products and you also helped us out by giving some feedback that will help us plan our future events. If you have any more suggestions in mind for Pineapple Island please do let us know!


And of course we can’t forget our pop up stall which was located in the town centre of our home, Bournemouth, where we were able to show off a full range of products to all of our customers. It was so lovely to see the locals locals, and to give a warm welcome to the tourists. Our stall is now shut, but keep an eye out for our stall in the Christmas festival where we will be returning on the 17th November!


Next was the Boardmasters Festival which was a blast from start to finish! This was shortly followed by the Victorious Festival which was sadly our last music festival of the year, but atleast we were able to finish off with a bang. These music festivals were a brilliant way of introducing our products to anyone who hasn’t met us before and we are so thrilled to have to opportunity to add more people to our ever-growing family here at Pineapple Island.


Finally, the Bournemouth Air Festival wrapped up the summer for us. It was lovely for us to be home, on the beach (of course!) showcasing our best selling products from the season. There isn’t a better feeling then sharing our products with the very people who made it possible, in the place where it all first started.


All the events were amazing; of course it involved a lot of preparation, planning and hard work but every single bit of it was worth it; getting to meet our customers and selling them products that they loved made all the tough moments worth it.


As the summer sun sets on yet another wave-riding adventure, we’re stoked to look back on the epic moments we’ve shared together. From innovative product launches to collaborative triumphs (keep tuned in to find out about our upcoming collaboration that will be announced very soon!), this summer has been an exhilarating ride from the first moment it started. 

But don't worry, just because summer is leaving dosen't mean we are as well! Keep an eye out for some very exciting announcements that we have in store for you guys. Stayed tuned 👀......!