How to stack your bracelets like a pro

New to the world of bracelet stacking? We know it can be overwhelming, always feels clumsy and never looks as good as you’ve seen on Instagram. Which is why we thought we’d share our top tips to stacking your favourite bracelets and creating some seriously insta-worthy style packs.


Starting your stack
 It’s not quite as simple as throwing every single bracelet you own, but it’s still relatively easy once you know where to start. There are a couple of ways to tackle this and the first is choosing a statement bracelet to build from with unifying elements, such as metal colour or bead colour. Maybe it’s not a statement bracelet but a favourite bracelet then it makes it just as easy because you can just use that to base your stack around. When you don’t have either option at hand, then selecting something simple and basic that compliments your daily style this is also a good place to start.

Mix n’ Match
It’s time to build your stack from your chosen base bracelet, this is where you have freedom to get creative and experiment. Contrast is key! So, try using contrasting colours, sizes, materials and textures. Be sure to have at least 1 unifying element because it’s what will pull it all together and make it look like a cohesive collection without being ‘matchy matchy’.


When it’s time to stop
As a general rule of thumb, 2-3 bracelets make up a small stack and 4-6 bracelets is a large stack. It’s obviously always up to you and what feels right for you, but if you’re considering wearing stacks on both arms. Just half the amount on both arms to keep a balance. It’s also always a good idea to ease off other jewellery if you’re wearing a large stack because it can look a little chaotic and messy.  If your still having trouble creating your perfect bracelet stack. Don't sweat it because we got you covered with our carefully curated style packs that are ready to wear.