How to travel around Australia on a shoestring budget

Although Australia is high on the must-visit list for most Brits, it’s more often than not seen as an expensive holiday. Yes hotels, travel and eating can be more expensive than a lot of places, but that doesn’t mean it has to be an extravagant get-away. You just have to be smart and plan ahead. With our tips and tricks, you should be able to maximize your budget and be able to see as much as you can on your trip without breaking the bank.



Getting Around


Since Australia is so huge it can be tempting to just hop on a plane to the other side of the country, but don’t fall for it because it’s super expensive. There are way more affordable ways of getting around, such as train, bus and car. The cheapest of all is car-sharing, so if there’s a group of you heading down under then it’ll be beneficial for you all to just split the cost of renting a car or even a campervan. Heading to Aus solo? Don’t worry, we’ve found many websites that can connect you with others also looking to ride-share. It’s the perfect opportunity to travel on a budget and meet new people.  


There are a few different ride sharing networks out there, but Life Social is hands down the best of the bunch. It can be scary travelling especially when you’re alone, so having that reassurance that these people are trustworthy is crucial. Every account is authentic and the community self-moderates using ratings to evaluate members and vet those that do not respect the LifeSocial Rideshare spirit of positive community collaboration.





Like all other countries, hotels are the more expensive option. We are always so grateful that hostels, Airbnb’s and campsites exist.


Have a look online for hostels around the areas you want to see or alternatively, if you’re looking for more privacy, Airbnb is definitely the way to go. If you’re wanting to stay in more rural areas then it might be worth thinking about pitching up a tent and camping. Nothing can beat breathing-in fresh crisp air and sleeping under the stars. There are various different campsites that are actually free, so check out the app ‘WikiCamp’ to have a look around at the different campsites and hostels that are available.


This is where renting a campervan comes in handy too because not only is it great transportation, but it can be your accommodation too!





Eating out every day is never budget friendly. Go to supermarkets instead, such as Coles and Woolworths, and cook for yourself. If you’re at a hostel or Airbnb, you should have access to their kitchen facilities. Eating in will help you keep to your budget, as will packing a picnic to take with you on your daytime outings. If you’re lacking culinary skills and cooking just isn’t your thing, that’s not a problem because takeaway food is also significantly cheaper than eating out. Menulog is a great app for finding takeaway deals. It’s basically an Australian Deliveroo, telling you what restaurants are nearby and who home delivers.  



Things to do


Australia is famous for their breath-taking beaches and beautiful wildlife. If you’re looking for free days out, then the beach is the perfect place for you. Boasting crystal blue waters, larger than life palm trees and the best waves for surfing. What more could you want?


Australia also has literally thousands of national parks that are free to visit. Pebbly Beach has kangaroos running wild and koalas can be spotted on Great Ocean Road. Just be mindful not to disturb the animals. Nature not thing? No worries! There’s an abundance of museums and galleries for you to enjoy. Certain ones actually offer free entry on particular days, so we always recommend to check their websites beforehand.