Introducing the valentines "Love is Here" jewellery collection

Wishing you a very warm welcome to our new “Love is Here” blog series!
Love is Here was created in response to the current culture that Valentines Day is currently wrapped up in, where love is seen as a transaction, something that you give away to others. With this campaign, we wish we gently re-direct all this energy back to the person who deserves all of your love…you! Our products were designed to inspire and encourage self-love, empowerment and new beginnings from within you, to you. When you wear them everyday, they will be a warm reminder that to always celebrate yourself and prioritise the love that you are capable of gifting yourself. All collections consist of waterproof jewellery with cute necklaces, bracelets and anklets, perfect for beach lovers. Each set is composed of natural crystals and puka shell jewellery.
One of our collections is made of rose quartz. This dainty crystal is a symbol of self-love, self-acceptance and hope, with the warm colours of this comforting stone being perfect for reminding yourself that you are truly deserving of love and compassion everyday.
Another collection is made from turquoise, a stone of self-care which holds soothing energies of peace and serenity under its shimmering surface. Turquoise serves to soothe your energy and balance your emotions when life becomes stormy, allowing you to sail through with ease.
Finally, the third collection is made of moonstone. Moonstone symbolises self-growth and discovery. Life is full of adventures and excitement, and our moonstone collection is the perfect accessory to encourage you to ride the waves of life into your next adventure.
We hope this blog has been an enticing taster of our new products and future content, which will continue to delve into self-love and care, such as advice and real life stories from our knowledgable campaign ambassadors.
It’s understandable that the idea of self-love can feel confusing and overwhelming, especially if you’ve never heard of it before. But that’s the beauty of being human, as love is an intrinsic part of us. It simply needs a tiny bit of attention and direction to get it flowing within yourself.
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