Know Your Locals Campaign

As a fashion brand, we strive to be compassionate and soft in a world with a heavy past of profit-centred, mindless consumerism. We aim to sell products with stories, to add something more to the sentimental value of having a matching bracelet with your friend that you never take off. As a brand, we are mindful that we are not perfect. As we grow, we learn where we can do better and are excited to be taught how to do better. From this, we have adopted a motto to stand by when making business decisions. We pause to consider whether our choices are the ‘next right thing’ for the planet and our people. By doing this, we can continue to grow a brand that aligns with our values. We hope to expand into the fashion world as a mindful brand, recognised for doing things in a conscious and considerate way.

We have been working with this idea of compassion in business for a few years, and in this time, we have become a part of Surfers Against Sewage’s Ocean Network. Their network brings like-minded business owners together to share solutions and give opportunities for discussions about how to care for our planet and thrive with kindness as a brand within it.

Nathan and I met the Surfer’s Against Sewage team at Boardmasters Festival in 2017. In the years after, we had many conversations about creating a product collection in collaboration with the charity. Starting with a blank canvas, knowing that the next right thing for Pineapple Island was to challenge ourselves to create something commercially appealing and sustainable. We wanted to raise as much money as possible for an incredible charity with a product that shares their values of kindness to our planet and our people. What we initially thought would take six months took us two years of learning, trying, failing, and asking for help, with the journey resulting in the product collection you see today. By embracing all the challenges we faced, with the support of Brother’s Make and Surfers Against Sewage, we have learnt how to combat difficulties within supply chains, identify the many ways suppliers greenwash and understand the impact that plastic has on our planet.

We named this campaign ‘know your locals’, as a twist on the term ‘protect your locals’. To step down from a place of importance as humans, with a recognition that our oceans and local ecology probably do more for us than we do for them. To emphasise getting to know our locals by understanding how we are connected. To understand the impact we have on them as well as appreciate the effect they have on us. Our oceans, our nature, and our planet are saving us every day, and we believe that being grateful for this is incredibly important. We believe that finding a place of gratitude involves getting to know our locals in a way we may have never done before. To see ourselves as connected, as one living and breathing planet rather than as humans and others. To know our locals, even the tiny, invisible to the eye, micro-organism locals, and by doing so, we may eventually be able to thrive with kindness on this planet together.

50% of all sales from this collection will be donated directly to Surfers Against Sewage, to support all the amazing work that they do for the planet and people. 


Supporting those who matter...

It is clear to us that this shouldn’t be a human-centered approach, we are not here to rescue; we are here to gain understanding and to connect with our land and locals. To create a better future for everyone and everything.
Working alongside Surfers Against Sewage we hope to spread awareness and create a community of ocean lovers with the same heart. Forever learning, forever growing and here to connect deeper.

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