New Year, New Goals - 2023

Last year we took a big step forward to become 100% carbon neutral. We have a long journey long journey ahead of us but our aim is to complete this within a five-year plan! So here's to 2023. Take a look at what we have planned for this year  to make our eco dreams come true!
Last year we teamed up with Eco Cart and the results have been amazing!
How cool is that! And it's just the beginning with the help of you. We also have investigated getting solar panels at our warehouse so that we can be fully solar efficient with our day to day working hours. 
Have you ever heard of recycled silver? We hadn't until recently and this is something we would love to venture into. We can save mounds of silver that is wasted by doing this. Don't worry though our jewellery will still keep to its standards and provide you with the cutest jewellery to date.
We have recently implemented quality control, checking our products standards with samples made rather than buying in bulk. As founder of the company, Nathan is determined to assess the durability and longevity of each product before we commit, reducing waste massively! 
If you have any tips or suggestions we could implement, please get in touch. You can reach out to Becky by emailing


As a small business, we always strive to do better and constantly develop new ways that we can be eco friendly and beat the fast-fashion industry.
Thank you for joining this journey with us.
All our love,
Pineapple Island xx