Our New Eco-Friendly Packaging

Protecting your handmade jewellery and the environment is key to us here at Pineapple Island. Scroll below to see have a first look at our new and improved packaging!

 Did you know that 30-40% of all packaging is wasted each year, causing direct harm to the environment? That's why it's been our mission to redesign our packaging to take steps towards a plastic-free future. We have been working hard over the past year to change how your handmade jewellery is packaged and sent to you, so please let us know your thoughts on our new eco-friendly packaging below...


We have now got our very own Pineapple Island mailers! These cardboard envelopes are a great way to protect your new products and are designed to fit easily through your letterbox. This means you don't need to worry about signing for your jewellery delivery AND you won't find any bubble wrap or plastic padding inside.

Above you can see our new Eco-Plastic bags created in Bali by a company called Ecoplas. Ecoplas is biodegradable and made from certified fair-trade Cassava: A plant that grows in Bali.

Ecoplas has also received numerous awards internationally as one of the most competitive bio-based materials towards next generation/ sustainable green plastic. 

Your jewellery will now be delivered to your doorstep safe and sound with the planet in mind!

We want to be constantly evolving with the planet in mind so we can keep sending you handmade jewellery and accessories that won't cost the Earth.

Join us on our eco-journey by dropping us an email with any further eco-friendly solutions or suggestions at retail@pineapple-island.com.