Eco-friendly gift wrapping

We've created an eco-friendly gift wrapping tutorial to show you step by step how to make your presents look beautiful with our planet in mind!
Things you'll need;
- Recyclable kraft paper
- Candy Cane
- String
- Christmas tree cuttings (or any other suitable clippings)
- Eco friendly double sided sticky tape
- Scissors
- The gift for eco-friendly gift wrapping
Step One
Cut your Kraft wrapping paper to the desired size of your gift.
Step Two
Fold the kraft paper around your gift.
Step Three
Add eco friendly double sided tape to secure the paper in place.
Step Four
Fold down the corners of the paper and secure with double sided tape.
Step Five
Place the string around the gift and secure with a bow around the back.
Step Six
Add your favorite Christmas accents, we went with Pine cuttings and a festive candy cane.
Your festive eco-friendly gift wrapping is now complete! We hope that you love this simple yet effective way of gifting your presents this year! 
Happy holidays to you.

Love, Alice, Nathan and Paige x