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Article: The 6 Eco-Friendly Surf Wear Brands Every Conscious Shopper Needs to See

The 6 Eco-Friendly Surf Wear Brands Every Conscious Shopper Needs to See

The 6 Eco-Friendly Surf Wear Brands Every Conscious Shopper Needs to See

As we ride the waves on our local beaches, it can be hard to ignore the effect we as humans have had on the planet. From items floating in the sea, to questioning who made the items you’re wearing. But the surf is to be enjoyed! So below we’ve made a list of our favourite conscious surf-ware brands – so you can carve every wave guilt-free!

1. Stockwell Surfboards

These boards are not only stunning but made consciously! Tom and his team are very eco-conscious, taking the time to reduce, re-use and recycle wherever possible. Their workshop is even solar powered!
Even better than that – Stockwell also offer an amazing repair service. Allowing you to keep your board for a lifetime and in top condition.

 2. Lignum Surf

We’re also loving Lignum Surfboards – whilst they don’t shout about their eco-friendly focus, they really invest in their materials to ensure they last a lifetime. So you definitely won’t have to worry about contributing to any landfill with one of these! They’re also all handcrafted in-house in South Devon so you can be sure all the hands that made your board were paid a fair price for their amazing work. 
We loved ours so much we took it to our last shoot!

 3. Figure Creative

This surf suit company is really doing the most! Every suit is made with Recycled Nylon fishing nets and the company itself are committed to being 100% plastic free – refusing to use it within or to pack their products. Their pieces are truly guilt-free but also incredibly practical! Figure suits are sun cream resistant, have high UV protection and are made in a full coverage style to allow to surf comfortably. I think we will have to order them all!

 4. Matunas 

A must-have in any surfers kit, surf wax can really make a difference to your grip. But like many of you we don’t want to support the making and use of paraffin! Matunas is here to save you, their wax is organic, biodegradable, nontoxic and is made using local ingredients to avoid excessive traffic pollution. And it doesn’t end there, they care through to the packaging making sure to use recycled paper, soy ink and recycled cardboard boxes.

5. Rapanui

Rapanui has truly achieved their mission to redesign the clothing industry. They use sustainable fibres, renewable energy and a circular economy – meaning you can send your items back to them when they’re all worn out to be recycled and reused! The real charm of it all? Their factory in the Isle of Wight only makes the clothing once its ordered – this way Rapanui only makes the clothing people need, when they need it.
Can’t find the kind of tee you’re looking for? They’ve thought of that and even allow you to design your own on their website!
But my favourite item of theirs has got to be the surf towels, they’re snuggly, they’re comfy and they’re a surf must have.

6. Wave Tribe 

Finding an eco surf board bag can be tough but don’t worry! Wave Tribe is here with their Hemp bags, grown naturally without any pesticides. This also means they are all biodegradable, however this hasn’t affected their durability at all, with the bags keeping cool and protecting your board from the sun’s harmful rays.

7. Pineapple Island

So you’ve got everything you need but why not take the look a step further? Accessorise your eco surf suit with some on trend friendship bracelets and a few surf anklets for that effortlessly cool look. We’re a Freedom Trade company, focused on reducing our footprint by using recyclable materials anywhere we can!
We also did a collaboration with the Wave Project – where we donate 10% off sales to their surf therapy and beach school projects throughout the UK.



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