The Easiest Way to Align Your Chakras - from Yoga to Chakra Bracelets

The spinning wheels of energy within the body, otherwise known as chakras, may hold the key to combatting all human ailments in both mind and body. There are thought to be seven main chakras, running from the top of the head right down to the base of the spine, each with its own specific function.
If one or more of your chakras become blocked, you may start to develop a range of tell-tale signs and symptoms which, if left unchallenged, could lead to further ailments over time. So, how do I know if my chakras are blocked? As each of the seven chakras has its own unique purpose, they each cause slightly different symptoms if they become blocked.
Let’s take a look at each chakra, and what you might find yourself feeling if they are imbalanced.
• The Root Chakra: Fearful, worried, insecure.
• The Sacral Chakra: Struggling to connect with others or feeling closed off.
• The Solar Plexus Chakra: Lack of confidence, anxiety.
• The Heart Chakra: Judgemental, harsh, difficulty in displaying emotions.
• The Throat Chakra: Problems with speaking or telling the truth.
• The Third Eye Chakra: Closed-minded and struggling to look towards the future.
• The Crown Chakra: Not understanding your place in the world.
Most of us will experience imbalanced chakras and some of these feelings from time to time, and this is nothing to be alarmed about. There are a variety of powerful practices you can utilize to re-align your chakras and get yourself feeling back on top form.
Let’s take a look at a few of the best!
• Practice yoga poses specified to your unbalanced chakras.
Hip-opening poses like the Forward Fold are great for the sacral chakra, for example.
• Try meditation.
Using visualization and meditation is a powerful way to align all seven of the chakras. There are a variety of visualization techniques you can use to achieve chakra alignment. Every individual will have a different response to each of these, so don’t feel discouraged if it doesn’t work first time!
• Use essential oils and other scents.
For example, eucalyptus oil can be beneficial for balancing the throat chakra, and using jasmine in the mornings is great for the sacral chakra.
• Do some chakra balancing exercise.
Push-ups or swimming can be great for the heart chakra, or why not try some squats to help align the root chakra?
•Eat chakra aligning foods.
Each of the chakras has a range of foods that are beneficial to their functioning. For example, eating granola and grains, dairy or ginger can be great for aligning the solar plexus.
• Use crystals or a chakra bracelet.
Chakra-specific crystals or a chakra bracelet can be incredibly powerful in aligning the chakras. This power is boosted when the colour of the stone matches that of the chakra. Wearing a chakra bracelet can be an effective way of carrying this positive energy around with you at all times. Take a look at our wide range of chakra bracelets, and discover the powerful phenomenon of chakras and life energy today!
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