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Article: Trending Now - Ethical Style For The Fashion Conscious

Trending Now - Ethical Style For The Fashion Conscious

Trending Now - Ethical Style For The Fashion Conscious

1) Mimpi Swimwear - Utopia One Piece (Seashell)
Mimpi Swimwear is leading the way in the future of sustainable fabrics within the fashion industry. Their minimal designs in pastel colours are all eco-friendly using fabric made from recycled fishing nets and plastic bottles. Mimpi is helping to protect the planet whilst keeping you looking beach beautiful at the same time!
2) Pineapple Island - Golden Sands Collection Bracelet
Our very own cowrie shell bracelet, gold plated and made ethically following our Freedom Trade policy.
3) The OTHER Bag - ECONYL Foldable Tote Bag 

The OTHER Bag are a leading retailer of reusable bags made from recycled and regenerated materials including used plastic bottles, ghost fishing nets rescued from the ocean, and nylon waste from landfill.

The OTHER Bag are lush and beautifully designed ocean-friendly bags made for you, for a cleaner environment.


4) Sailaway Dress Company - Day & Evening Dress

The Sailaway Dress Company works loyally with a handful of independent family businesses across India to create unique dresses from off cuts of fabric, reducing the effects of fast fashion one dress at a time. The company founder Holly visits the tailors every year, upholding fair wages and comfortable conditions to ensure the team enjoy making dresses as much as their customers love wearing them! 


5) Smartsquid - Organic Cotton T-shirts

Smartsquid offers unique items with the aim of sparking ecological conversations. Hoping to promote a slower attitude towards fashion, only organic, carbon neutral or recycled garments are used as a base for their designs.



 6) Lunar Trade Co - Handwoven textiles 

Made from 100% Kenyan cotton, these handwoven pieces serve as luxurious blankets or throws for any room or setting. Produced by the Heritage Weavers cooperative in Kisumu, this small co-operative works to preserve the original methods of weaving previously used in the textiles long history.



7) Pineapple Island - Seaglass recycled bracelets

Made from recycled glass from the sea to create the beads. This sustainable bracelet style pack is handmade and a perfect addition to any eco-warriors wardrobe.


8) Adorned - Reworked, Fairtrade and handmade wears

A mother & daughter dream team from Nottingham. People and the planet are their top priority! If you see bohemian items on their website that they haven't made or reworked by themselves then these bohemian goddesses have ensured that they're ethically sourced. 

9) Pineapple Island - The Wave Project Collaboration

Freedom trade jewellery made in collaboration with The Wave Project charity. Every purchase donates towards the incredible work that they do for young people across the UK. 


10) Eating the Goober - Ethical & quirky slide sandals

‘Eating the Goober’ is a fresh Athens based brand of clothing, upcycled bags and shortly slide vegan sandals. They support the global sustainable fashion movement by respecting humans , animals & environment. They love upcycling and the process of creating something new out of what is considered as waste by others.

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