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Article: What is a Chakra Bracelet Exactly?

What is a Chakra Bracelet Exactly?

What is a Chakra Bracelet Exactly?

If you have any experience of spirituality or yoga, you will have likely heard the term ‘chakra’ being used at some point. 
But what exactly is a chakra, and how can a chakra bracelet be beneficial to the mind and body? 
Today we’re going to delve right into the fascinating origins and uses of the chakra system and, more specifically, chakra bracelets. 
Liv of @manipuraflow practicing twisting asans 
"Depending on which chakra I feel needs working on, I will use particular asans to stimulate or soothe the energy"
What are Chakras?
Essentially, a ‘chakra’ is a wheel of energy within the human body. There are thought to be seven main chakras running vertically along the spine, right from the base up to the top of the head. 
Each of the chakras has a specific purpose, and chakra health is directly related to our wellbeing in mind, body and spirit. In fact, it is thought that every ailment of the body is linked to one or more of the seven chakras. 
When a chakra is blocked, its flow of energy is interrupted, affecting bodily health in some way. 
Where did the Chakra System Come From?
The concept of chakras originated in ancient India, sometime between 1500 and 500BC, and is thought to have been first mentioned in one of India’s oldest texts, the Vedas. 
What is a Chakra Bracelet?
Chakra bracelets have been worn in India for centuries. Their purpose is to balance the seven chakras, promoting an optimum flow of energy throughout the body. 
The colours and/or stones of the chakra bracelet align with one or more of the seven chakras. This dictates how and where specifically your chakra bracelet will be most beneficial. 
"There are mantras that correspond with each chakra, matching it's vibration, as well as associated colours." - Liv 
How can a Chakra Bracelet Benefit me?
Balancing your chakras using a chakra bracelet could help in healing a number of health issues, or even prevent them from arising in the first place. 
Wearing a chakra bracelet regularly can subtly change your life each day, cleansing your body of negative energy and replacing it with positive energy emitted from the bracelet itself. 
How Does a Chakra Bracelet Work?
The side on which you wear your chakra bracelet may influence its action. The left, more ‘feminine’ side of the body deals with the innermost self, so be sure to wear your bracelet on this side if you are looking to change something more internally focused. 
Conversely, if you would like to boost your productivity or make changes in the energy you project into the world, you should wear your chakra bracelet on the right, more ‘masculine’ side.
Opinions vary on how exactly a chakra bracelet works. Some believe that the healing energy comes directly from the bracelet, and others believe the bracelets simply remind the wearer to remain aware of the chakras, thus promoting a focus on balancing these seven powerful energies. 
( @Lydia_cooke in one of our Gold Plated Chakra Bracelets )
Take a look at our beautiful range of chakra bracelets today. Whether you’re interested in the world of chakras and want to see the healing benefits for yourself, or would simply like a new and meaningful piece of jewellery, our bracelets will make a gorgeous new addition to your collection.

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