Our Mission

 Here, you will find all the information about our sustainability objectives and how we are working towards a brighter future for people and planet Earth.

Products and Packaging

Products and Packaging

We are in the process of introducing more sustainable materials and plastic-free alternatives into our products and packaging.

Plastic packaging 
We are currently in a transition period of swapping all plastic packaging to ECOPLAS, a cassava-based biodegradable material. 

We are also aiming to have a full description on each product page of the materials used by the end of 2022. This information will include where all materials are sourced, to enable our customers to make more informed buying decisions. 

We recycle our cardboard boxes wherever we can to reduce waste. This might mean your Pineapple Island parcels arrive in a box with a few odd labels or markings - but we can assure you that the products inside will be of our usual high standard.

Reducing our carbon footprint

Reducing our carbon footprint

Pineapple Island has a 'cycle or walk to work' scheme, to encourage staff to reduce their carbon footprint by eliminating their car/public transport commute.

We recycle cardboard, wood and plastic waste from our Head Office and Warehouse.

Solar panels
We are in the process of getting solar panels installed to reduce carbon emissions and greenhouse gases.

Reducing single-use plastic
We encourage our staff to reduce their use of single-use plastic on breaks by providing kitchen utensils and crockery to use throughout the day.

Ethical policy

Products and Packaging

We strive to maintain trustful relationships with our makers in Bali, and we have external audits to ensure that Ethical Trading standards are met. All employment is freely chosen and wages meet the national legal standard alongside fair working hours.