5 Things You Need On Your Summer Bucket List

Summer is approaching fast and before we know it, it’s going to be over and we will be looking back with heavy hearts and reminiscing about long warm nights and questionable tan lines. This blog is a plea to the general public, to step away from the stresses of your hectic lives and to go out and have some well-deserved fun in the coming months. There are so many exciting things that you could be doing this summer and we totally understand that sometimes it can be a little overwhelming when you have so much choice. To make it easier for you we have compiled a bucket list to inspire you to get up and live that everyday freedom this summer...just don’t forget to tag us in your pictures because we love to see what you fellow Islander’s have been up to!
1. Go somewhere you’ve never been 
Experiencing new things is crucial to living a happy and healthy lifestyle. You don’t have to have a large budget and you don’t even have to leave the country, you can simply go on a day trip or away for a weekend to somewhere else in the UK. There are so many places perfect for this, such as Devon, the Lake District and the New Forest. Trying new things is the best way to get the most out of life, because how do you know if you don’t like something until you try it out for yourself?
2. Watch the sunrise
How often can you say you’ve sat quietly on the beach and simply just watched the sunrise? OK, maybe not in the winter as it’s way too cold, but the great thing about watching the sunrise in the summer is that you can watch it from wherever you want. Staying up all night to watch the sunrise and finding the perfect spot to watch it from is such a magical experience, and guess what? It’s completely free! Whatever you do this summer, keep this on your bucket list, as it really is an incredible and unforgettable experience.
3. Go to the drive-in movies
If you’re looking for something unique and cheap to do this summer, whether it’s with friends or on a date, going to a drive-in movie is always a perfect option. I know it sounds like a throwback to a scene from the movie Grease, but there are places dotted around the country that actually do this. If you live in Kent, Billericay or Bournemouth, you’re in luck because all three of these locations have drive-in movies. The atmosphere is so incredibly different from a usual cinema, as you have your own personal space and the comfort of being in your own car. We upped the comfort to another level last in year when we went in our pyjamas... just make sure that you don’t have a reason to leave the car like we did, as filling up for petrol in love heart pyjamas is never a good look.

4. Camping
Be one with nature and go camping! There are so many campsites across the UK and it’s a great option for small or large groups of friends. Camping is such a fun experience and can make you feel like you’ve totally stepped away from life. Depending on what campsite you go to, it’s a great way to get away from technology and society and there are so many activities that you can do whilst camping, such as hiking and canoeing.
Why don’t you take some musical instruments with you and start your own campfire band? Or, tell ghost stories and play some classic games like truth or dare? Oh, and if you’ve never cooked marshmallows and made s’more on a campfire before, you need to drop everything and do this immediately. For those of you living under a rock, a s’more is a melted marshmallow and chocolate sandwiched between two biscuits, and it we can guarantee that it will change your life forever.

5. Go to a festival
Festival season has already started and I’m sure Coachella has been everywhere on your social media because it certainly has been for us. Some of you are probably rolling your eyes because it’s on every bucket list you will see online, but it really is a rite of passage and a fantastic experience for everyone. Why not bring the summer to an almighty close in September with Chaka Khan and Plan B at Bestival? Or, join us for a surfing session in the sun and a beach cocktail at Boardmasters in August...