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Article: Lifestyle Bloggers You Need To Be Following On Insta

Lifestyle Bloggers You Need To Be Following On Insta-Pineapple Island

Lifestyle Bloggers You Need To Be Following On Insta

There’s more to Instagram than over-priced shoes and fancy restaurants, and we completely understand that it can be quite overwhelming to know how to sift through these millions of Instagram accounts to find great lifestyle bloggers that are down to earth and committed to posting inspirational and beautiful content.
We’ve rounded up our top 5 Instagram bloggers that you need to be following this summer. So, have a look below to check out our ‘go-to’ blogs for stunning aesthetics that you are 100% guaranteed to enjoy.


@miss_s.a - follow
Following this South African beauty is definitely a must as Sarah is a personal favourite lifestyle blogger of ours. She’s a professional model that loves to surf and her Instagram is jam-packed with beach shots and feel-good summer imagery. If you follow Sarah Ashley, you’ll be flooded with stunning pictures of her living the best life on modelling shoots and fearlessly getting out on to the waves to surf the Cornish coastline. She seems to be living the dream on the South Coast, and we love looking at her profile for summer lifestyle inspiration.


@pagesfrombeth - follow
One thing for sure is that this Brighton blogger has some serious photography skills and paired with her flawless fashion styling, you have the inevitable outcome of a feed full of beautiful Instagram pictures. Beth styles her shots perfectly, and her Instagram is filled with gorgeous lifestyle and fashion pics that we just can’t get enough of. If you’re looking for a constant flow of stunning lifestyle imagery, then @pagesfrombeth has everything you want and more. (Infact, we have been so inspired by her blog recently that we even asked Beth to create her own Pineapple Island style pack. Click here to shop.)


@tint.ofmint - follow
Hands down, Karolina has one of the dreamiest Instagram feeds that we have ever seen. The overall aesthetic of her Instagram is so pretty and feminine that we have just become obsessed with the Manchester blogger’s feed. There is no doubt that every single image has a carefully planned colour pallet, and this incredible attention to detail makes her overall feed such a treat for the eyes. We also adore her recent use of flowers in her lifestyle shots as we feel they are the perfect touch to achieving such a dreamy Instagram theme.
Looking for that little injection of girly and feminine in to your life? Look no further.

@iamcharlotteolivia - follow
Charlotte is a fashion blogger with a truly inspiring summer style, and her feed is packed full of amazingly put together outfits. It came as no surprise when we found out that Charlotte is a visual merchandiser for the worldwide brand Topshop, as when it comes to styling this girl really knows what she is doing.
Her most recent pics are from her trip to Mykonos and wow, we aren’t jealous at all. Not one little bit… But seriously, her outfits were absolute holiday goals and Charlotte has some fantastic vacation shots that make you wish you owned her entire suitcase and/or wardrobe.


@healthytwenties - 
At first glance you can probably tell that Jasmin isn’t just a blogger, but a photographer as well and an amazing one at that. Her feed’s theme is so warm and bohemian that it’s pretty much perfect.
When you check out her Insta, you’ll see that Jasmin is a force to be reckoned with as not only is she a blogger and photographer, but she’s also a freelance graphic designer too. The lifestyle images on her feed consist of a delightful mix of all of these things, and we can’t wait to see what she posts a picture of next.


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