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Article: Behind the scenes photoshoot!

Behind the scenes photoshoot!

Behind the scenes photoshoot!

A 4am start is scary, but it worked out perfectly for our photoshoot! Catching the sunrise over the cliff top in Harlyn Bay Cornwall, we could get every shot that we needed.
If you're looking to plan a photoshoot in the future, I would highly suggest that mornings are better. There are fewer people around and you can have full reign of your chosen location.

Let's talk about clothing!
With over 35 products to get organised and photographed, Pineapple Team was on it getting ready for the next setup, matching jewellery and styling the models ready for their big camera moment. 



When designing our clothing line, we wanted to create styles that would suit you and match our brand beliefs! It’s easy to be swept away with fast fashion, but I’m guessing like us, you’ve had enough of these corporate giants.
That's why the materials we've used are organic/ recycled. We chose carefully and found a small independent printing business Otto House UK that uses water-based inks for printing our designs. Did you know that most people use a plastic-based ink? That's was a big no for us, so it thrilled us when we found Otto House UK.


Meet the models

This is Lucy. We have worked with her in the past, sending her some jewellery that we knew she'd love. She was so great at working with the team! In fact, all the models and photographers bring a chill vibe. It couldn't have gone better.



Meet Amy. We were lucky enough to work with her in the photoshoot, she's got great style! Even with a healing injured leg, she bought our clothing to life.



Finally, we have George who used to work with us at Pineapple House. It's always a pleasure when we get to meet up. You can now find him hiking the tallest mountains...


What about the people behind the camera?

Evie is an amazing photographer that captures adventure through a lense. She is amazing at directing models to get the perfect shot. We can't wait to see the final images.


Ben works with film. He has a great eye for capturing narrative and bringing stories to life! We hope to work with him again in the future.


We couldn't be more grateful for everyone's help during this shoot. Don't forget our clothing will launch June 10th!



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