Meet Lauren Spinner

Most weekends you’ll find her out surfing Vancouver Island’s breaks. If the ocean is flat she’ll likely be hiking, mountain biking, camping or doodling. Whatever it is, coffee will be present…and maybe a Lucky Lager if she’s earned it.  Weaknesses include dark chocolate and spontaneous road trips. Lauren is a lover of people, of all things creative and of all things nature. She is currently spending time learning two new passions; pottery and film photography.

In all aspects of her life, both personal and professional, the planet is at the forefront of her mind. Lauren is adamant about living eco-consciously at home, and the same applies to her work. Sourcing sustainable and recycled materials for her art and packaging is of utmost importance to her, as is supporting local print shops and fellow independent artists in the community!

Lauren is the owner of a small art shop called The Rural Kind, specializing in surf prints and designs inspired by nature. 

You can see from Lauren's love of adventure and creativity that we had to have her on board designing our new clothing line!

Laurens Wave for Days designed T-Shirt

 What made you want to be an artist?

I have always loved to draw. For a while I thought I wanted to be a suit in an office in a big city… Boy was I wrong. As a child I would always spend the most time on projects that called for drawings and creative components. Everything else took a back seat. I think I just grew up thinking you couldn’t make a career out of creativity. I thought that path wasn’t an option. I wish someone empowered me as a teen to go to art school. I still debate going now, in my thirties! I guess, to answer your question, creativity chooses you. You can choose to listen to it or ignore it. 

What made you want to design for our clothing?

I feel the ethos and values of Pineapple Island align with my own. A mutual love and respect for the ocean, the planet and surfing!


What is your favourite Pineapple Island product?

The Wave Project surfboard bracelet!


What was the process for creating these designs?

I always start with pen to paper. I usually start with some rough doodles which then eventually turn into a design on a computer. I start with the design/illustration first before adding text or colour. Over the years I’ve found it so helpful to walk away from a design and come back with fresh eyes. You may see something you didn’t the first time. The directive for this project outlined a tropical-surf sort of vibe so I channeled inspiration from my Panama days and surf trips in Latin America. I like to think my style is imperfect and organic. Very rarely will you find perfectly straight lines in my work. I think there’s beauty in the “flaws.”

What is the hardest challenge you have faced? Any tips for other designers out there?

Not valuing myself. Thinking I don’t have enough “experience” to charge a certain amount or land that big project. If you don’t value yourself and your work why will others? Value yourself.

Best piece of advice you’ve ever given.

Comparison kills creativity. Don’t look at what others are doing…focus on you and your ideas and breathe life into them!


Keep up to date with Lauren on Instagram @laurenspinner