How to Create a Bohemian Utopia on a Budget


Recently there seems to be a boom of the bohemian aesthetic in both fashion and interiors and everywhere we turn there seems to be macramé wall hangings and wicker. There’s an artistic flair about this style that’s quite unconventional and it takes inspiration from a lot of different cultures. Lots of homeware brands are releasing their own versions of boho décor and slapping a big price tag on it, but there’s no reason you need to spend loads of money to achieve that bedroom utopia you’ve been dreaming of.


Clashing colours and patterns


You’ve probably noticed when looking for boho home inspiration, that there is an abundance of rich colours and clashing prints. The world of colour is where bohemians thrive and free their mind. You need to throw out the idea of the perfect colours because guess what? They don’t exist. This is where you can let loose, get creative and have fun. Most of the patterns you’ll come across are traditional ethnic and can be found in a variety of textiles, such as cushions, rugs and curtains. These can all be easily found in charity and vintage shops, it’s just a case of searching.




You’ve probably heard us talk time and time again about wicker, but for a very good reason. We believe it’s the forefront of the bohemian movement, incorporating organic elements and unique intricate patterns. We find that the natural colours bring an earthy warmth to the whole aesthetic. You can literally get anything in wicker; headboards, chairs, plant pots, you name it and you will find it. We’re not suggesting you fill your house with wicker goodness because that will create a very monochrome look, which definitely isn’t very bohemian. Just select a few standout pieces, like a wicker chair or mirror and this will pull together the entire look.



Plants, Plants and More Plants


Not only are house plants great to look at, but studies have shown that they can help reduce allergies and purify the air in your home. Don’t worry if you’re a plant killer because the plants on our list can basically withstand anything and won’t require any attention. Known for a medical benefit, aloe vera is actually super easy to care for. As it’s part of the succulent family it just requires daylight and a bit of water every couple of weeks. Another of the succulent variety is the Jade plant making it super easy to look after. Unlike aloe, this actually grows little pink and white flowers which can really add to the already colourful palette of the room.  Then perhaps the easiest plant on our list is the ZZ plant, originating from eastern Asia. This tropical plant is virtually happy in any condition and can be kept a rather dark room. As for watering the ZZ plant, you only need to water when the soil is looking dry. Easy!


Wall Hangings


Wall hangings are a must because they bring in a whole other texture to the room. If you haven’t seen already, Macrame wall hangings are all the craze, everyone seems to have one in their homes. Not all of us have the budget to spend hundreds on one wall hanging from Urban Outfitters, but thankfully they’re fairly easy to make and there’s no shortage of tutorials on the internet. The blog My French Twist has an incredibly easy to understand tutorial with step by step images. There are literally no limits when it comes to wall hangings, especially when you’re making them yourself.


Alternatively, if DIY isn’t your thing you can find them on our online shop for an affordable price. They’re all handmade and Freedom Trade.





Eclectic Furniture Mix


A huge part of bohemian décor is creating an eclectic mix of furniture. Luckily for us that means vintage furniture shops are our best friend and there’s no need to buy anything new. Look past the wear and tear because all it probably needs is a little sanding and a lick of paint to bring it back to life. You can find some really unique pieces that nobody else will have and they won’t break the bank. For those of you living in London, Upcyclist shared the top 25 places to find vintage homeware in London.


Some of our favourite places –