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Article: 6 Bloggers You Should be Following

6 Bloggers You Should be Following

6 Bloggers You Should be Following

We’re currently living in an Instagram orientated world, where everyone and their cats have an account. There are new ‘influencers’ or ‘models’ cropping up left, right and centre. We can all appreciate the pretty pictures people are posting, but it feels so good from time to time to sit and read a blog instead of a caption. There is no great pleasure like finding a blogger you can really connect with through their interests and writing. To save you from the search, we thought we’d share some of our faves because we think you might just like them as much as we do.




“I had an itching to do some wilderness exploring and shooting so I assembled a small group of creative gal pals” – Allison


Living a zero-waste vegan lifestyle, Allison wants to make choices that are kind to the environment. She loves anything fashion, photography, art or food based and every single one of her posts stays focussed on the issue of sustainability. She recently did a couple of interviews for sustainable fashion brands, Sundays Designs and Denim Unspun. Reading about what inspired Allison to begin promoting sustainable fashion and her thoughts on the future of the fashion industry will leave you feeling super inspired. Even if you’re not interested in fashion, she has something on her blog for everyone from exciting travel posts to delicious vegan recipes that might just change your life.  





“I hope by now some of you have listened to the podcast I recommended on gratitude in my January monthly wrap up, so you can hear some of the benefits of practising gratitude in your life. In the podcast A.J. Jacobs talks about his latest book where he travels the world in order to thank every single person involved in bringing him his morning cup of coffee [so if you’re ever stuck on what to be grateful for… think about that].” – Karissa


Amongst all the helpful travel diaries, the sustainable fashion and the monthly roundups. Karissa really stood out to us with her posts about her own battle with anxiety and ways that help her to cope with it. She is a huge advocate for self-love and the importance of looking after your mental health. In one of her latest posts, she shares how she starts her day off mindfully and how you can too. Check out her blog to become inspired to make simple changes that can help you with daily organisation, structure and an increased resilience to the chaos of the world.




“Have you ever loved a company so much you want the whole world to know about them? That's how I feel about Wooden Ships. Born from an idea after backpacking in Bali, Paola and Mark created Wooden Ships. A knit sweater company dedicated to sustainable and ethical production.” - Chels


Chels is just a gal that thrives on coffee and creativity, sharing her little slice of the world with her blog. Although she’s relatively new to the game of blogging and hasn’t got the biggest archive of posts to read through, her latest posts make up for it and we’re excited to see what else she has to offer. Chels’s content is mostly fashion related, but she’s dabbling with more travel posts including a recent travel guide of Oklahoma. Her writing feels real and genuine as if she were talking to you as a best friend, revealing real and funny things about herself, like the fact she literally wears her favourite jumper everywhere!




“To me, I feel like if I’m not making an impact on somebody else’s life, then I’m not really doing anything. I feel that often times we are far too self-absorbed, and it is so important to take your eyes off yourself and focus on other people.” – Chaylee


One thing is for sure, Chaylee definitely wasn’t made for a 9-5. This blogger loves being out in nature and having the freedom to explore the world. Although she doesn’t necessarily write blog posts, she posts all her gorgeous outfit and breath-taking travel pics on her website almost like a gallery.


Chaylee’s amazing photography isn’t the only thing that draws us to her site... It’s her incredible outlook on life and selflessness that we find so refreshing. She has a beautiful section on her blog that is purely dedicated to her favourite poetry, plus you’ll always find a little treat of her ‘quote of the day’ in the footer. Here’s to people like Chaylee, whose mission it is to spread good vibes and love across the world. Let her enrich your life in the same way she did for us.





“I created this platform as my own little creative corner. I want to feel like a big sister to all of you and hope to inspire you in any way I can!” – Christine


And this is exactly what Christine has managed to do. An expert in budget savvy shopping, this blogger is always sharing her helpful tips on how to shop both your clothing and homeware on a budget. Christine lets you in to her life and reveals everything she has learnt from living in LA for a year and all the ways she likes to keep fit. Christine is so great at offering tips and advice, encouraging her readers to get in touch with questions because she loves to think of herself as a big sister. Not only has she got amazing content and the best personality that you can really connect with, but her website is insanely gorgeous too.





“This coffee shop is a real hidden gem, it's unlike any coffee shop that I've ever been to as it's not only serving up some delicious coffee, but it also sells some of the coolest vintage clothing items, handmade ceramics, and apothecary items. So in between sips of coffee you can get some shopping done to bring home some one of a kind pieces.” – Sara


Just a snippet of one out of many helpful coffee and travel guides that Sara likes to make. She’s a twenty something, currently living in LA and loves sharing all things related to coffee, travel and vintage fashion. You’d be surprised to know that blogging is her second job and that she actually works the normal 9-5 office job. With the amount of content that she seems to churn out, we’re not quite sure how she does it! Her work ethic is just inspiring. If you share her love of coffee, travelling and vintage fashion, then you definitely need to check her out.

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