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Article: Must have items for a bohemian chic wardrobe

Must have items for a bohemian chic wardrobe

Must have items for a bohemian chic wardrobe

It’s that time again where brands, influencers and celebrities unleash their free-spirit and pay some serious homage to the whimsical bohemian style. We are certainly not complaining because it allows us the freedom to express our artsy and free-spirited side with loose flowy silhouettes. There’s something so effortless about bohemian outfits, that looks like you’ve thrown it all together. But even the most effortless looks require some planning and coordination, which is why we have created this handy little cheat sheet.


Free Flowing Dresses


Free-flowing and dress are words that always come to mind when it comes to boho style. With summer just around the corner, now is a better time than ever to stock up on lightweight flowy dresses. Adding a belt can really pull it all together, so finding a good tan or brown leather would work with most bohemian outfits. Look out for those earthy tones, like burnt orange, browns, greens and reds, for the ultimate summer bohemian look.


Flowy Maxi Skirts


No bohemian wardrobe is complete without a maxi skirt. They offer a super easy way to unleash your arty and free-spirited side, which is what being a bohemian is all about. They’re available in a huge variety of styles, colours and patterns, remaining true to the loose style that characterises boho fashion. Probably one of the easiest items to style on this list, maxi skirts offer the creation of so many potential outfit combos.


Wicker Bag


I don’t know how many times we are going to say it, but wicker is everything and accessorising with a wicker bag is the perfect way to incorporate the trend into your outfits. Not only does the natural material fit perfectly with the boho earthy spirit, but the bags will add texture to any outfit.


Embroidered Tops


You’ve probably noticed there’s a running theme amongst boho fashion of patterns, textures and embellishments. Even the simplest of items contain little textured elements and tops are no exception. Choose breathable fabric that is loose-fitted, with am embellishment of any kind and you have reached the boho sweet-spot. Luckily for our purses, tops like this aren’t anything new and have been popular in the past - which means you could find exactly what you’re looking for in vintage and charity shops.


Floppy Brimmed Hat


Making a comeback after a few years’ hiatus, having appeared on many influencers and celebrities’ heads over the Coachella weekend, is the floppy brimmed hat. Not only is it incredibly on trend, but also extremely practical for keeping the sun out of your eyes. There’s no need to splurge on an expensive hat as we have found that they rarely hold their shape – so don’t hold back on choosing the more affordable options!



Loose-Fitted Trousers


Offering plenty of freedom for movement and zero constrictions, much like the maxi skirts. Flowy loose trousers are the perfect option those colder days or if you’re just not a skirt person. Once again there is never ending options with style, colour and patterns giving you endless possibilities with your outfits.


Gladiator Sandals / Strappy Sandals


Perfect for the warm weather, strappy gladiator sandals are the ideal addition to any summer bohemian wardrobe. They are a go-to footwear choice for many, making it extremely easy to come across some in most stores. There are so many different colours, materials and embellishments available that it can turn out to be quite a challenge to decide on the ones for you! If in doubt, stick with tan/brown leather sandals because they’re pretty much guaranteed to go with anything. 


Nature Inspired Accessories


Something people often forget about is accessorising, but it’s such a crucial element to completing that perfect boho look!  Bohemians find a lot of their inspiration within nature and that doesn’t exclude their jewellery. The key is to find pieces made from natural elements like wood, suede, turquoise and other natural stones.

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