Our commitment to sustainability

We know that we aren’t perfectly clued up in the ever-changing minefield of sustainability, I mean, who is? Sneaky plastic infiltrates even the most unsuspecting of products, bin systems are confusing and the unclear instructions on what is recyclable or not doesn’t help; no wonder trying to create eco-friendly habits can feel like you’re walking on a minefield. 

But giving up isn’t in our vocabulary!


Our step to improve was to hire Mairin. Mairin is our environmental and sustainability consultant who has performed a wide variety of tasks to enhance our carbon footprint. For example, she has conducted a waste-audit to analyse how much waste we are binning that can be recycled, she has researched sustainable materials for us to use in our products and packaging, and she held a workshop to educate us of the longevity of non-eco products.


Our next plan of action was to partner with Project Seagrass in the lead up to Green Friday. Project Seagrass is a charity dedicated to the restoration of a powerful underwater plant that stores carbon, cleans our oceans, produces oxygen and acts as a home for a significant number of marine animals. So of course, you can only imagine how powerful this plant is for combating climate change.


For the Green Friday weekend, we will donate a pound for every order from our store to Project Seagrass that will contribute to the replenishment of seagrass, such as planting seeds, monitoring seagrass meadows and raising awareness through educational campaigns. In addition to this, we will also be raising awareness of Seagrass Spotter on our social media, which is an app developed by Project Seagrass to encourage people to become “citizen scientists” by photographing seagrass and recording where they find it. This is to help monitor the growth of seagrass and where it can be found.


Why don’t you check it out too and become a citizen scientist, joining a community of amazing individuals transforming our oceans for the better, one seagrass entry log at a time!



We take our company values seriously, and one of our main values is to be as kind to the planet as we should be to each other and ourselves, therefore this journey of improvement isn’t a chore, it’s an duty we feel eager to undertake, and fulfil to the best of our ability.


The actions we have discussed within this blog are just the tip of the iceberg to us; and our movement to becoming more sustainable won’t end here. We are always cooking up new ways to polish up our sustainability skills, so stay tuned to keep up to date with our latest endeavours.