The Ultimate Autumn Activities in Dorset

Woohoo, autumn is officially here! It is time to bring on the cosy jumpers, fluffy blankets, hot drinks, scented candles and all of the Halloween movies (Hocus Pocus is at the top of our list) But Halloween isn’t a time of the year that is only good for staying inside for a movie-marathon. In this blog we are going to spill the tea on dozens of autumnal activities to be enjoyed in Dorset that capture the spirit of this season, as well as what we are Pineapple Island enjoy the most about this time of year.


The first one that comes to mind is Ouija. Ouija is a horror-themed escape room for groups of 2-7 and the rules are to use the clues in each room to escape before the time is up! Perfect for horror lovers who are seeking a challenge.

For pumpkin carving enthusiasts, Dan Tanner is a small and independently owned farm which grows nearly twenty different fruit and vegetables, including pumpkins. So why not hand-pick your pumpkin this autumn and make sure you get the biggest one possible!

Meanwhile, the Halloween Goddess Retreat which is held in a calming yoga centre, is a bewitching event for anyone who wishes to meet like-minded, spiritual folk whilst being guided through spell-making, moon magic and Halloween fun. Even Halloween-themed mocktails will be served!

For our water lovers there is a spooky Halloween River Tour, where you get to wear your costume whilst enjoying a mystical moonlit tour down the Beaulieu river, safely guided by the knowledgeable tour guides who will be telling you tales about the ghosts who haunt the area.

For the people who are ready to literally fight for their lives this Halloween, there is a Halloween-themed paintballing centre  at New Forest Activities, complete with supernatural enemies you need to defeat and scary mini-games to be accomplished.



Everyone here at Pineapple Island adores Halloween, and we each have different autumn rituals that we enjoy doing during this special seasons.

  • Nikki: “I really enjoy going for walks in the autumn time!”
  • Paige: “I love to go forest bathing, especially when I am in a bad mood or stressed. It is a way to help me meditate and connect with the earth, and I find it very grounding! I have a favourite spot near where I live, surrounded by birch trees”
  • Jo W: “We started this tradition last year; when the leaves start to fall from the trees we all try to catch one, it is so much fun! If you catch one you can keep it, and luck will be by your side!”
  • Jo H: “Mushroom hunt with the kids and foraging for chestnuts to roast on the fire at home!”
  • Ellis: “Going to watch Bournemouth play when its getting dark and then the floodlights come on”


So overall, we really hope this blog stirred up your excitement for the amazing period of the year that awaits us and maybe even gave you an idea or two that you could try out! If you did enjoy this blog, please subscribe so that you can stay updated with what we are up to, exclusive deals and more!