Our Top 5 Blogs to Follow this Autumn

Whether you’re an aspiring blogger or just looking for a little Autumn inspiration, here’s a list of our 5 favourite lifestyle, makeup and fashion blogs written by inspirational bloggers. Enjoy! 
It’s officially been voted the Top Cornish blog of 2018 and as we spend a lot of our Summer time there, we can’t help but have a soft spot for those cornish bloggers. Anna blogs about Travel and Lifestyle and Cornwall (of course!) From gorgeous photography and seriously unique travel ideas, this blog is a must on anybody’s reading list.  We just want to commend this inspiring girl boss and her kick-ass work ethic because not only does Anna run The Cornish Life, but she also has her own clothing line. You go girl!
Looking for outfit inspiration or beauty recommendations? Look no further because Jennifer has got you covered, especially through this Autumn season. She’s recently just posted about her must have Autumn beauty products along with some very chic outfit pics that will get you in the mood for a wood fire and a warming pumpkin spiced latte. There’s something about her gorgeous pictures that is charmingly British, maybe it’s the roses or Surrey backdrops, but whatever it is we are hooked on this blog so keep it up Jennifer, as we’re all totally loving it! 
From posting about New Home Musings to Granola 5 Ways, Beth covers it all on her blog. There is literally something for everyone and it’s all accompanied by her stunning and professionally shot pictures. Her warm imagery and content give us all the cosy feels for autumn and have us reaching straight for those chunky knits. This Manchester girl has her posts down to a tee and trust us when we say that her blog should definitely be next on your read list.
Despite the name, this award winning blog isn’t just all about makeup. Lily's blog posts cover a super wide range of topics, varying from Beauty and Fashion to Interiors and Advice. We can definitely see why this lovely lady's blog has won multiple awards as her imagery is consistently great and the content she writes will always give you something interesting to read. Also, the fun way she writes feels like she’s just chatting to you as a friend and that’s a huge factor in why we love her blog so much. Lily - you're totally nailing it! 
This 19 year old Beauty and Lifestyle blogger is embracing Autumn and Winter with her darker aesthetic and we're absolutely loving it. However, don’t let the dark autumnal colours fool you, this girl's got a serious feminine flare and if you're after honest beauty reviews and real opinions on the blogging world, she’s definitely the girl to go to. If you check out her blog you will see that Beth really isn't afraid to speak her mind, and we absolutely love that about her!