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Article: How to find freedom every day of the week

How to find freedom every day of the week-Pineapple Island

How to find freedom every day of the week

We’re all about the #everydayfreedom, so we totally get that it’s far too easy to get stuck in a rut of everyday routines. Taking the switch off of default mode can enable you to search through your other settings and find other ways of living that help you to find freedom each day of the week. As the saying goes ‘slow and steady wins the race’ and that’s true even in this instance. Drastically changing your daily life won’t always stick and it’s probably best to change things little by little each day. Therefore, we have compiled this list of little changes that you can make at your own pace to find freedom every day of the week.


Mindfulness –

Mindfulness is one of the best ways for you to take a step back from your life and find that freedom in the form of taking care of yourself. You need to spend a little time getting to know your mind and it’s spectacular inner workings. Are you all work, no play? Treat yourself with some time to relax and take the weight off your shoulders by seeking a balance that’s healthier and gives you the time to work on yourself. Just practicing 10 minutes a day of mindfulness will help give you clarity and also potentially help with the rest of this list.


De-Clutter your life –

Yes, this sounds like hard work and a chore but we promise that once you’ve done it you will be able to finally feel that freedom without any clutter holding you down. We suggest going through a drawer or shelf a day and taking a little moment to think to yourself, ‘do I really need this?’. If not, then chuck it out. Tidy space = tidy mind.


Throw away your schedule –

No, we’re not talking about throwing all caution to the wind and forgetting about your responsibilities. We mean that when you stop over booking yourself and filling your free time up so far in advance, you can start to feel more free by giving yourself room to breathe. Fitting in work, family and other things you enjoy requires a tight schedule. Sometimes it’s refreshing to just wake up and decide what you’re doing as the day unfolds.


Stop Comparing yourself to others –

Whether you’re measuring your success to someone else or you’re comparing the shininess of someone’s hair to your own, just don’t. What’s the point? Why compare your ‘behind the scenes’ to someone else’s ‘show reel’? Find that everyday freedom in celebrating your own successes and lifting yourself up. It’s a tough habit to break but practise makes perfect and it’s important to remember that you are your own person and you deserve to take the time to find out who that is. Once you know who you really are, that’s when you can truly be free.

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