Your Festival Survival Kit - Islander Edition


Festival season is upon us and we know it can be a bit of a challenge to pack efficiently without rolling up Kim K style with 3 full suitcases. To give you guys a little helping hand, we thought we would share with you our little festival survival guide. We’re not going to be telling you about the extremely obvious things, such as a tent and sleeping bag, because hopefully you already have those things sorted... These are things that a lot of people might not even think about, but they are all extremely helpful and a little bit life changing.


  1. Mini Toiletries

You know you want to feel fresh and clean as much as you can when you're roughing it in a tent for days on end. Getting miniature versions of personal hygiene products is the way forward and it’s not just that they’re super cute, they’re practical too. They hardly take up any space in your backpack and this way you’re not compromising your hygiene for the sake of space.


  1. Sun Cream

This is kind of similar to the last post, but we thought we'd give it an extra highlight as it is crazy important to cake yourself in the stuff. We are in the middle of summer and it happens to be one of our hottest summers in the UK for a long time, which is why a reasonable SPF is incredibly crucial (30+). Look for a broad-spectrum sunscreen that protects against UVA and UVB rays as it’s not just protecting your skin from damage, but from ageing too. Over-doing it in the sun is a leading cause to signs of ageing skin... Leather complexion? No thank you!


3. Baby Wipes

Don't worry, there probably won't be any babies hanging around at the festival, but let us introduce you to the life-saving shower in a handy wipe form... You're welcome.
They are the most handy things to have with you if you're in need of cleaning absolutely anything. You can use them to wipe surfaces, your hands, your body or just clean anything that needs a good wipe before you use it. 


  1. Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is a game-changer for most because it transforms a greasy barnet in to fresh and floral locks. Whether you’re a girl or a boy, this can seriously help you out when slumming it at a festival. It depends on how long you can go without needing to wash your hair... but if you're like us and need to wash it every other day then dry shampoo is an ultimate life hack. Some dry shampoos can leave a little white cast on darker hair, but certain brands offer ones designed for dark coloured hair in mind. You can also pick up mini versions, so it shouldn’t take up much space.


  1. Portable Charger

The trusty and reliable portable charger. It’s incredibly hard these days for people to go off the grid and just not use their phone. However, there are multiple reasons why using your phone can be quite essential. If you lose someone in the crowd you can call them or if you get lost you can call a friend to come and hunt you down. Plus, you will always have battery to be able to take those perfect Instragram shots and make those memories last.


  1. Reusable Water Bottle

We should all be doing our part in helping reduce waste on this earth and that includes not throwing away plastic water bottles like it’s nothing. There are multiple alternatives, you can get some pretty designs, but also some basic ones that are still affordable. Overtime you won’t only be saving the planet, but you will be saving money too.


  1. Biodegradable Glitter

Lastly is the fun stuff, Glitter! What is a festival without some glitter? There are so many different glitter trends, it’s hard to keep up sometimes. No matter what you plan on doing with your glitter, it will end up on the floor or in our oceans and because they are tiny bits of plastic they’re dangerous for the earth. In recent years more brands are releasing glitter that is now biodegradable, so it doesn’t matter if your washing it all off in the shower. Take your time and maybe spend a bit more money when buying your glitter to make sure you get a biodegradable one. That way you can try out the latest glitter trends without destroying the environment.