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Article: The best is yet to come - Our New Year's Resolutions

The best is yet to come - Our New Year's Resolutions

The best is yet to come - Our New Year's Resolutions

And so the adventure begins. It's a new year and we have some new goals to make Pineapple Island sustainable down to the finest of details. Join us as we discuss the team's plans to create an eco-friendly workplace at Pineapple House.
Becoming a totally eco-friendly and ethical business is Pineapple Island's primary goal of this year. To achieve this, we must refine the way we work in order to live by our values and continue to grow a community for looking good and doing good.


Starting off with Nathan, the Director of the Pineapple Island, whose goal is to ensure quality control with each product, creating less waste and more happy Islanders.

So, what does quality control mean? Quality control means checking our products standards with samples made rather than buying in bulk. As founder of the company, Nathan is determined to implement this to assess the durability and longevity of each product before we commit, reducing waste massively! 

One of the recurring questions Becky, our E-commerce assistant, has received this year is, what materials and elements do we use in our jewellery? We have learnt that we need to be more specific when listing our materials on product pages, whether it be wax, cord or string. It is her goal to list the materials on every one of our products down to the tiniest beads.

By doing this, you can shop with confidence and clarity, matching your life choice with your style. Offering options such as 100% vegan products, we want to make products that reflect your values with complete transparency.

What about waste in the warehouse? George, our warehouse operator, is working on transforming our warehouse into a plastic free-zone, but he isn't just stopping there.

Last year we set sail with our eco-friendly packaging using Eco-Plas made from cassava root (click here to learn more). George plans to continue with these innovative minimal waste and plastic-free ideas, starting with the commitment to reuse all cardboard that arrives at our warehouse. This might mean that your products arrive in a package that isn't so beautiful - but there is an eco intention behind it!  

Jo, our stock manager, has been researching ways we can offset the carbon footprint created when shipping orders.

We want to offset our carbon footprint to help to protect our planet and remain mindful of how we are using the Earth's energy. For this, Jo has been researching the concept of planting seagrass for every order sent. Seagrass supports commercial fisheries and biodiversity, cleaning the surrounding water and helping to take carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. Because of these benefits, seagrass is believed to be the third most valuable ecosystem in the world! 

With this in mind, we want to create supply chain transparency. Anne, our Office manager, is excited to take this on board.


We want to let our customers know where all of our materials are sourced. This includes packaging, labels and stock. Sourcing materials that are not only beneficial to the Balinese communities but also for the environment. 

Keeping you in the know is very important to Pineapple Island, that is why I (Paige), Pineapples marketing assistant, will talk to you this year more about the environment to keep you in the loop on how we are changing Pineapple for the better.

As a team, we want to grow and build a stronger foundation to help the planet so we can continue to do all the things we love! Surf, explore, and spend time with loved ones.

To complete all of this, we need Alice, our Creative Director! Looking into ways we can continuously grow Pineapple Island as a sustainable brand.

We don't want to escape to the moon like other retail giants: we just want to do the right thing here for a kind and healing planet. We still have a lot to learn, but we are ready! Bring on 2022 with brighter beginnings.

Thank you for joining this journey with us.

All our love,

Pineapple Team x




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