Pineapple Islands take on climate change!

After the recent agreement of COP26, here in the UK, we want to share with you Pineapple Islands methods and plans to protect the environment. 

As a small business, we always strive to do better and constantly develop new ways that we can be eco friendly and beat the fast-fashion industry.


One of the key elements that allows Pineapple Island to be ethical is that we are a Freedom-Trade practise.


But what does Freedom-Trade practise mean?


Freedom-Trade practice is a term used to help support local communities that are making our jewellery in Bali. Rather than buying straight from factories, we go directly to families and artisan makers to make each item unique.


It has always been our policy to trade fairly and responsibly, using ethically sustainably sourced materials. Our designs are sent over to different artisans makers in Bali who then bring our jewellery to life. All our designs are handmade, right down to base components that are hand-sanded and painted before being assembled into jewellery.
Each community specialises in different weaving techniques. We do this to bring people together and learn new skills. This is a great way to benefit the environment and communities involved. 
To read more about our us, click here.


Ok, but what about our packaging?



We have handpicked our packaging saying NO to plastic! We use ecoplas bags made from cassava fruit, which are 100% biodegradable. Having a Surf Soul, we knew we didn't want to pollute our oceans further with plastic. Luckily we found the cassava fruit! To learn more about our discovery of these bags, click Here.


What about the workplace?

Behind the scenes at Pineapple House, we all stay conscious of the effects we have on the environment. For example, we all use reusable cups and bottles. But let's get down to the daily use of paper, card and all things that scream SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT! Our orders from each customer we have, has now become paperless, meaning less waste. Any paper that is no longer needed, we turn into note pads. We repurpose cardboard into other boxes. Alongside this, we also have a cardboard recycling scheme with the council.


What is Pineapple Island's plan for be more eco in the future?
By the end of the year, our aim is to become a Net Zero operation. What does Net Zero mean? For us, it would mean the reduction of our carbon footprint, allowing us to grow without putting further stress on the environment. The potential to create significant economic and social benefit for communities, people and businesses across the county. Smart energy networks, heat decarbonisation, electric vehicle charging and transport decarbonisation are all key factors in creating a greener business and world. After, a recent meeting we will installing Solar Panels to create sustainable energy.


We are excited to continue to grow and learn more about protecting the environment. If you have any suggestions, please share them with us!