The Story Behind Our Handmade Fabric Bracelets

Have you heard of Tenganan? It is the home to Bali's rarest textiles and we are lucky enough to have some of these materials in our handmade bracelets.
Known for its unique agriculture, ceremonies and textiles Tegnanan is based in the Middle East of Bali, where precious fabrics are made.
Follow the story below to see the journey of how your handmade bracelets are made:
Above you can see the quiet village, Tenganan situated in the rural areas of Bali. Trevi, our fellow artisan, made a trip to the village to see how these unique materials are used.
Geringsing is a unique fabric which is muted in colouring – combining red and reddish-brown tones, eggshell and dark blue or black violet. These are obtained by dyeing or cross-dyeing with pigments obtained from outer layers of the sunti root (Morinda citrifolia) and with taum (indigo).
To get a better understanding of colour combinations, see our Aztec bracelet below to understand the tones and textures used with this fabric.
Double Ikat weaving is a unique form of weaving that can't be found any where else in Bali. The technique in which both warp and the weft are dyed with a specific pattern prior to stringing on the loom. Double Ikat weaving requires a lot of skill for precise patterns, this technique is over hundreds of years old and holds spiritual significance in Tenganan ceremonies. 
If you would like to keep a unique piece of Bali's culture with you, it's wondrous materials can be found in our Aztec Bracelets!
We hope you have enjoyed embarking on this beautiful Balinese way of making and we hope to work with some more fabric like this in the future!