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Article: Top tips to live more sustainable at Board Masters Festival

Top tips to live more sustainable at Board Masters Festival

Top tips to live more sustainable at Board Masters Festival

One week till Board Masters festival and we can’t wait! Protecting natural resources, reducing waste, and promoting the conservation of ecosystems and biodiversity are always at the forefront of our minds. Here are some tips to live more sustainably whilst still enjoying the Board Masters festival. 

1. Wander the eco way 

Walk, use public transport, share rides, or bike to the festival. It's not just cool for the planet, but you'll also avoid traffic! Board Masters Festival offers a drop-off service in New Quay, click here to learn more. 

2. Prepare with a purpose. 

Check out the green events and activities. Let's support and celebrate those rocking sustainable initiatives! 

3. Bin it like a pro 

Boardmasters have a team for people litter picking during the event but don’t leave it all down to the team and volunteers! If you have waste put it in the correct bins, recycling and composting where possible - there are bins everywhere! 

4. Shop green 

Buy from vendors who have the planet in mind. Shop local and of course biodegradable packaging! 

5. Peace and love 

Keep the good vibes going by respecting people, wildlife, and nature - we all want to have a blast! Establishing and maintaining protected areas and wildlife reserves to allows us to continue our beloved festival for years to come.

6. Spread the green fever 
Get your friends on board with sustainability. Let's inspire them to ride the eco-wave too! 
By making conscious choices and implementing sustainable practices, we can collectively contribute to a healthier and more resilient world for generations to come. We hope you will join us on this journey! See you at Board Masters. 
Love Pineapple Island x 

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