Best Dorset events for the Month of Love

As our journey of 2024 turns a page into the new chapter of February, a month famed for romantic love and the grand gestures associated with it, let’s redirect our focus inward to the most important relationship of all: the one we have with ourselves. 
 Join us as we discover the best events along the UK's south coast for fulfilment and restoration. By engaging in these activities, you’re performing powerful acts of self-care which set the stage for a healthier, happier you. It's an opportunity to identify your needs and boundaries, as well as learn emotional, physical and spiritual foundations that you enjoy and can include into your life. 
Voyage with us into this transformative experience where self love will take centre stage, hosted by the heart and soul of our valentines campaign, our brand ambassadors Lillie and Christine. It's a gathering dedicated to empowerment and  celebrating self love, self care and new beginnings.  The event will commence with Christine, a life purpose coach, leading a meditation accompanied by the soothing sound-healing talents of Lillie, an inclusive and body-positive yoga teacher. Following this, you'll engage in a yoga session enriched with affirmations, offering your body and mind the nourishment they deserve. Afterward, a workshop will navigate you in setting intentions for new beginnings. To gracefully conclude this tranquil gathering, Shirley, our social media executive who was the visionary behind this event, will announce the winners of our giveaway (link to the giveaway will be provided here when it's announced)!
    Actively partaking in the beauty of the natural world is not only a treat for your eyes, but for your holistic essence. This event will help us tap into our five senses, sink into a restful state of mind and embrace the restorative energy of mother nature. It's a soothing balm for your mind, which can be left frazzled by the endless chatter and rush of daily life. The ultimate delight will be the teaching of forest bathing, a Japanese practice that can be translated to “taking in the atmosphere of the forest” The physical and emotional benefits from this event will allow you leave your stresses behind and connect to the serenity of the elemental wonders around us.
      A deeply meditative experience with Robin Freeman, a sound healing practitioner, gong master and meditation guide. Lay down and relax to the peaceful chimes of carefully chosen healing instruments that Robin hand-selected from a wide variety of countries around the world. Combined with the calming atmosphere of the yoga studio, these sounds and vibrations stimulates the body’s harmonic frequency into producing alpha waves, easing you into a deeply relaxed state. Not only beneficial for alleviating  emotional problems such as stress and anxiety, but the event will also be held during a full moon phase which is the perfect opportunity to let go of any burdens we wish to release. Recharging and harmonious, this event will soothe your mind, body and soul.
      This online event is easily accessible through a virtual platform, and the founder Yolanda has trained as a Circle Facilitator to ensure that her sessions are supported by solid roots of consideration and support. Within these spaces she leads journaling workshop’s where, caused by grounding breath work and visualisation meditation, you’ll be gently guide you into your subconscious. It’ll help you silence the background noise in your mind and hear your raw and unacknowledged inner thoughts and feelings. Upon doing so, these emotions will flow from your mind to your pen and be freed onto paper. It’s a chance to embrace and soothe the suppressed parts of yourself, which are often pushed aside to deal with the demands of daily life.
      We hope the events above have sparked your interest. The navigation of personal well being and fulfilment is a lifelong voyage that should be enjoyable and filled with celebration of your small wins; so congratulations for taking time out for yourself to read this blog and the opportunities it holds!
       As you continue to turn the pages on your book of life, we encourage you to be endlessly gentle with yourself, read self love quotes, listen to your soul, and always seek fun! Here’s to your new beginnings and endless potential that is lying ahead!