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Article: Why You Should Try Cold Water Therapy

Why You Should Try Cold Water Therapy

Why You Should Try Cold Water Therapy

We don't know about you, but this autumn we have been feeling tired and achy day after day. 
After moaning about it for a good few weeks, we decided to give cold water therapy a go! 
You may be thinking: why cold water therapy?
Well cold water therapy offers many health benefits, and with the beach right on our doorstep, how could we say no? 
The health benefits that sold us on giving it a go were: 
- a boosted immune system
- improved circulation 
- improved alertness 
- improved sleep 
- reduced stress 
- reduced inflammation ( aches and pains be gone! )
But perhaps the most relevant benefit of all, is the huge rush of endorphins. Were we knackered from getting up bright and early, to hop in the sea at 7am? Absolutely! Yet we definitely all felt better for it! The rush of endorphins improved our mood significantly, and I have to say - I definitely felt proud of myself for doing it! 
Feeling a bit glum? Lots on your mind? Hop in the sea! When you feel a temperature so cold that you wonder whether or not your toes are still attached to your body, it will be impossible to think about anything else. And that moment of having a totally clear mind, is the refreshing and calm start to the day that we all need every once in a while. 
You could even go with friends - we found it to be a great way to bond and share your love for the sea! Coming away with a joint sense of achievement and new memories shared, brought us all that little bit closer. 
With such busy schedules, it can be easy to forget to take some time out. Why not use a friendship bracelet as a little reminder to have a swim and a catch up with your bestie? 
Wanting to share the healing powers of the sea? You could always opt for a bracelet from our Wave Collection, where 10% of net profits go to the Wave Project, who provide surf therapy to children across the UK. 
Disclaimer: Please check with your local GP if you have any underlying health conditions before practising cold water therapy. 

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