Our very own Bali Jewellery Studio!

“Don’t dream your life, live your life”
Travel Free is a much-loved phrase of ours and that doesn’t just apply to travel. It also applies to freedom; wherever you may be, you should dream big and truly believe in the possibility. That is what Nathan, the founder of Pineapple Island, believed and now one of his biggest dreams, one that has been in his heart for over a decade, is finally coming true.
For over fourteen years Nathan dreamed of having a studio that could be open to the public, but it wasn’t until recently that life aligned to allow this vision to become reality.
Our studio in Bali has got big plans in store:
  • The generous sizing of the studio allows plenty of room for the process of designing new products. This opens up our capacity to stock more products and more collaborations!
  • Jewellery workshops. Trevi, our creative coordinator, will hold opportunities for locals and tourists to experience that craftsmanship that occurs in our studios everyday.
  • Special events, where the studio will be open for our customers to browse all our products to their hearts content.

This is just the beginning and Shirley, our social media executive in Bali, has been carefully documenting the entire process.
So keep checking in so you don’t miss our updates and BTS snippets!