New Year, New Green Goals

Creating goals to become better at the beginning of each year isn’t new to any of us; every time the clock strikes midnight on the 1st January, millions of people across the world make a vow to be healthier, kinder, to make the most of their precious lives in 2024 and we were one of them.
This is the year where we will kick our sustainable actions up a notch and we already have exciting projects in motion that will give back to our planet, our community and of course our wonderful customers!
Peek at our plans for this year below:
1. Invest in our Balinese artisans.
The inspiration of our brand was first formed in Bali, where the breathtaking beauty, wholesome values and unique jewellery inspired the foundations that our brand stands upon. This is why we will continue to invest in that community, by employing local crafters to handmake all our jewellery in a workplace that allows each employee full control of their working hours alongside healthy wages. 
2. Reduce Ecological Footprint:
We tirelessly strive towards developing the sustainability of our business (you can read more about our previous actions hereand in 2024 will continue to build upon our eco-friendly habits and increasing the quantity of recycled materials we use. 
  3. Transparency and Customer Education:
Honesty is a trait we highly value, and we want our customers to understand where their hard-earned money is going. So we’re crafting a background story of each product, such as exactly what materials are made from, which gives our customers the utmost confidence and understanding when shopping with us. 
 4. Community Engagement Beyond Studio Walls:
Even though employing local artisans is our perfect way of increasing employment in Bali, we don’t want to just stop there. We will continue to support initiatives in healthcare and education in Bali; which will contribute to the health of the community as a whole. It is our thank you to Bali for providing us with so much inspiration and creativity.
  5. Carbon Neutrality Commitment:
Becoming carbon-neutral has been a significant goal of ours for a while, which is why we are carefully analysing our carbon emissions and supply chain to offload
our carbon footprint. Unsure what carbon is? No problem! Take a quick peek at our previous blog about our carbon neutral journey  for all your answers.
6. Circular Economy and ‘End of Life’ Plan:
Nothing is worse than when your favourite piece of jewellery has been worn one too many times, and it is time to say goodbye. But instead of banishing it to your jewellery cabinet for it to lurk, dust-covered, for years in the dark, what if it could be brought back to life? This is the future we are hoping to bring to Pineapple Island, where we take old jewellery for it to be remade by UK crafters. It is a perfect way to increase recycling and gives our customers a solution for their broken and unusable products.  
  7. Plastic-Free and Recyclable Packaging:
 By the end of 2024, we want 100% of our packaging to be plastic-free and recyclable, as part of our goal to be as green and eco-friendly as possible. 
We hope our goals have proven to you that we’re not just a jewellery brand, we’re a community that values our world and everyone in it. Our 2024 goals reflect our values which are to always progress and unflinchingly follow what we believe is the right thing.